A List of all Posted Articles

This is a listing of all articles that Maggie has posted
since 30th August 2002.

10/7/2024 A Life Well Spent

6/7/2024 Make a Plan !!

28/6/2024 Hoarders Unite !!

19/6/2024 Trip to the Matopos

12/6/2024 Natural History Museum Of Zimbabwe

6/6/2024 Farewell Wetlands

29/5/2024 Peter Rollason

23/5/2024 Familiar Things

15/5/2024 Travelling With Tiny Tots

2/5/2024 Try To Travel

20/4/2024 The Story of Mother's Day

14/4/2024 Destination Weddings

4/4/2024 Tree Junkie

27/3/2024 The Solitary Mosquito

20/3/2024 Another Crisis Year

13/3/2024 Remember When

6/3/2024 Age of Dementia

3/3/2024 Great Aunty Poppy's Panic Bag

21/2/2024 One Snake At A Time

14/2/2024 T.T.I.

7/2/2024 Salute to Berry Oosthuizen

31/1/24 De-Cluttering

24/1/24 Dotage Dressing

17/1/24 People with a Passion

10/1/24 Home Renovations!

21/12/23 Christmas Pyjama Parade

10/12/23 WW2 Emergency Flying Ration Tin

30/11/23 Efifi

15/11/23 Christmas Lights

8/11/23 Blue Headed Lizards

26/10/23 Mind Your Manners!

16/10/23 Waxing Lyrical!

5/10/23 The Gauteng Grand Prix

30/9/23 Gambling and the family

22/9/23 A Girl's Best Friend is her Hair Stylist

11/9/23 Galloping Grandparents

5/9/23 Heath Streak

25/8/23 We need to hang our heads in Shame.

11/8/23 Such A Bittersweet Morning

4/8/23 The Broekie Brigade

27/7/23 The Lowly Plumbago

19/7/23 Have You Ever

12/7/23 The Dreaded Tea Bag

2/7/23 Totally Confused by Mother Nature

23/6/23 Go back in Time

16/6/23 Baby Boomer

9/6/23 Above all else, I hope you choose these things

2/6/23 Hand Holding Blues

25/5/23 A poignant article Borrowed from Cathy Buckle

20/5/23 First World Blunders

11/5/23 Mothers Day!!

4/5/23 The Lost Art Of Sewing

26/2/23 ZBC revisited

20/2/23 The Famous Bulawayo Siren

10/2/23 The Water Experts!

29/3/23 The Humble Bar Of Soap

24/3/23 Who's Fooling Who?

16/3/23 The Hunger Games

10/3/23 Water Woes In Bulawayo

3/3/23 My Marriage Is Under Threat!!

23/2/23 Prawns and Caipirinhas

16/2/23 The White Helmets

12/2/23 The Ancient Mariners

1/2/23 A Compelling Silence

26/1/23 Street Kids

19/1/23 The Harbour Wall

12/1/23 The New Year Benefits!!

21/12/22 The Great Shopping Cart Debate

14/12/22 There's Just Something About Home

6/12/22 A Decorator's Nightmare

1/12/22 The Wilson Girls

20/11/22 Homecoming

9/11/22 October Skies

5/11/22 One House At A Time

27/10/22 Rhodesia Fairbridge Memorial College

19/10/22 Fishing Blues

12/10/22 Censorship

5/10/22 One Thing in Common

29/9/22 The African Farm Toilet

22/9/22 The Zimbabwe Raindance!

14/9/22 My Bucket List Runneth Over!!

7/9/22 From Ashes To Diamonds

30/8/22 Lake Gwayi-Shangani

22/8/22 A Very Special Investiture

17/8/22 Hipsters, Belts and Bell Bottoms

2/8/22 Near Death Experiences

28/7/22 Supercilium

21/7/22 Pruning Blues

14/7/22 Cara Black

8/7/22 Binga in June!!

4/7/22 By Laura Campbell

22/6/22 Efifi

12/6/22 Cod Liver Oil Memories

4/6/22 Why do we love the Queen so much?

26/5/22 Noel Eric York - Boet - Mbokodo

20/5/22 Holiday Souvenirs

13/5/22 Between the Sheets

5/5/22 The Story of Mother's Day

29/4/22 Wrinkles and such like

21/4/22 Time...

16/4/22 The Privy Council

8/4/22 Where The Heck Are My Tweezers?

31/3/22 A Hairbrush Away From Sanity

23/3/22 Friends Of Hwange

17/3/22 Remember Your Childhood

10/3/22 An Apocalypse - And The World Sits By Comfortably

5/3/22 Painful Parallels

16/2/22 The Pilgrimage

10/2/22 We Are A Generation That Will Never Come Back

3/2/22 The Garden Grapevine

27/1/22 Hidden Treasures

20/1/22 Thank Goodness!

14/1/22 How many layers

21/12/21 Too hot to walk barefoot

14/12/21 Tablecloth Fetish

10/12/21 Broken Hearts

2/12/21 Black Friday

24/11/21 Hippo Watch

17/11/21 I Am Tired Of Living In A Tip

10/11/21 Savyon Lodge

4/11/21 The Pumpkin

28/10/21 My Third World Tooth

20/10/21 Following The Mother of Nations!

13/10/21 The Trash Miners

8/10/21 My Happy Place

4/10/21 The Gentle Art of Shoe Polishing

22/9/21 Pumpkin Time

17/9/21 Some Famous Rhodesian Trials

8/9/21 Street Kids

2/9/21 The Joys of Weeding

25/8/21 Recycling Pains

20/8/21 Back to School!

11/8/21 Loos I Have Known and Loved

5/8/21 For Our Grandson

29/7/21 Mayoral Mutterings

21/7/21 The Good Old Days replies

14/7/21 The Good Old Days

7/7/21 A winters day

30/6/21 Midsummer in Sweden

19/6/21 Confirmed Third Worlder

10/6/21 The Era of change...

3/6/21 Mafushwa Again

27/5/21 2021 - A Fabulous Adventure

19/5/21 It has been a sad week for Bulawayo

11/5/21 Binga-By-The-Sea we call it!!

4/5/21 A Love Story

28/4/21 Hoarders of the World Unite!

21/4/21 It was like a walk down Memory Lane!!

14/4/21 The Bottom Line

7/4/21 Extraordinary People

31/3/21 First Night Home

23/3/21 Going Home

11/3/21 Gardening in John's Creek

4/3/21 The Privy Council

25/2/21 Following The Sun

17/2/21 I wanted to grow old in Africa

11/2/21 Free vaccines, sanctions and a goat on a rope

2/2/21 The African Farm Toilet

27/1/21 Noreen Welch

20/1/21 We Were Rich

13/1/21 So that was New Year's Eve 2020

23/12/20 Blessings At Christmas

16/12/20 Dawn Lindberg

10/12/20 Stars and The African Child

2/12/20 The Great Hot Plate Debate

25/11/20 The Borrow Street Swimming Pool

18/11/20 A Nurses View Of Covid

10/11/20 Light A Light For Hospice 2020

4/11/20 Jacaranda Spotting

28/10/20 A Little Bit Of Sweden

21/10/20 A Covid operation

14/10/20 Happy news from Hwange National Park

7/10/20 Memo From God To Zimbabwe

29/9/20 Job Sikhala - Zimbabwe Opposition Party Member

23/9/20 Waxing And Waning

17/9/20 Never Travel Without...

10/9/20 Power Cut Blues

2/9/20 Masking the Subject

27/8/20 Spring Fever

19/8/20 Scared And Pathetic

13/8/20 Memories Of The Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation

7/8/20 Were You A Grey Street Cowboy

29/7/20 How Zimbabwean PUBLIC hospitals have turned into human abattoirs

22/7/20 Mirror Thank You's To Special People

15/7/20 Zimbabwe's clock ticking towards immense crisis

9/7/20 Pockets In Trousers

1/7/20 Pet Rules

24/6/20 The Story of Mothers' and Fathers' Days

17/6/20 Typing Blues

10/6/20 Washing My Dirty Socks In Public

3/6/20 Obsessive Compulsive

28/5/20 Lockdown Blues

20/5/20 Spare A Thought

13/5/20 Where were your babies born?

29/4/20 Extraordinary Times

22/4/20 Early School days

15/4/20 To Queue or Not To Queue

8/4/20 My First Swear Words On Morning Mirror

1/4/20 Be careful what you wish for

25/3/20 Cataclysmic

17/3/20 The Death of the Book

11/3/20 Baby Boomer Blues

3/3/20 The C.B.D. of Bulawayo Has Moved...

26/2/20 Canopy Caperings

18/2/20 The Denim Jeans Brigade

11/2/20 Parenting

7/2/20 A Guys Guide To Surviving Valentine's Day!!

29/1/20 Memories

22/1/20 Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation

14/1/20 Micheal Bullivane O.B.E

17/12/19 Christmas Thoughts

4/12/19 The Borrow Street Swimming Pool

4/12/19 Find My Iphone

26/11/19 Things to do for fun in Zimbabwe

19/11/19 Spring Fever

13/11/19 Primeval Mutterings

7/11/19 And Then Its Winter

30/10/19 Harare Restaurants

22/10/19 Power Cuts !!

15/10/19 Tree Junkie

9/10/19 Glorious Voices from the Past

1/10/19 How To Give a Cat a Pill

17/9/19 If it's Monday it must be Diet!!

10/9/19 Puisse Dieu vous pardonner

3/9/19 The Dreaded Swim Suit Purchase

21/8/19 The Zimbabwe Raindance!

14/8/19 Panel Beating Blues!

7/8/19 Hooligans At Sunrise

24/7/19 Lakeside Dam

17/7/19 Typewriters

10/7/19 Recounting the Flower Sellers

3/7/19 Where were your babies born?

25/6/19 Dear Family and Friends

18/6/19 A Love Letter to My Country

11/6/19 First World Seasons

5/6/19 Kissing Frogs

29/5/19 Mid-Life Crisis

21/5/19 More On Bands

14/5/19 Billy Goat Musings

7/5/19 The Broekie Brigade

30/4/19 For Baby Boomers Only

23/4/19 Plumbers Revenge!

16/4/19 The Denim Jeans Brigade

10/4/19 The Bulawayo Flower Sellers

3/4/19 It Ain't Easy Being Green

26/3/19 Cyclone Idai hits Zimbabwe

19/3/19 Who's Fooling Who?

5/3/19 The Death of the Book

27/2/19 Ethiopia - the Lighter Side

20/2/19 My Mother Taught Me

13/2/19 To The Heroes

6/2/19 The C.B.D. of Bulawayo has moved

30/1/19 A Valentines Day Tryst

22/1/19 The Face We Show The World

16/1/19 Troubled Times

8/1/19 Those Formidable Turk Mine Ladies

11/12/18 A Sad Admission

6/12/18 Are You Sending Christmas Cards This Year?

29/11/18 Its Official!

21/11/18 African Enterprise 2

14/11/18 African Enterprise

7/11/18 Halloween Horrors

31/10/18 Freezing in a Fuel Queue

25/10/18 Hwange Update October 2018 Part Two

16/10/18 Hwange Update October 2018

9/10/18 Baby Boomer Blues

2/10/18 It Ain't Easy Being Green

25/9/18 The Glass Half Full...

19/9/18 Why men are just happier creatures!!

11/9/18 For My Grandson

5/9/18 First Impressions

28/8/18 The Plumbago Flower

21/8/18 Thinking of leaving, well think again!

15/8/18 Stoic

7/8/18 From Ashes To Diamonds

1/8/18 Who Am I, Where Am I

25/7/18 On A Subject Close To My Heart

18/7/18 African Farm Toilet

10/7/18 Let's Reminisce

3/7/18 Glorious Voices From The Past

27/6/18 A Great Birthday Gift

19/6/18 Spare a Thought

13/6/18 Coming Home

5/6/18 Power Yoga Texas Style

29/5/18 The Economics of the Royal Family in Britain

22/5/18 Loos I have known and Loved

17/5/18 You Know You're an ex-Zimbo if...

9/5/18 At Pikes Garden

1/5/18 Its Monday So It Must Be Diet Day!!

24/4/18 Bulawayo Days

18/4/18 Knee Jerk Joy

11/4/18 Super Duper Salons

3/4/18 A Hairbrush Away From Sanity

27/3/18 A recent trip to Zimbabwe

20/3/18 Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

8/3/18 Restful Respite

27/2/18 It was downright Xenophobia!!

20/2/18 Coming Home

14/2/18 Memorial Service For Roy and Heather

7/2/18 Travelling With Tiny Tots

1/2/18 The Other Woman!

23/1/18 Roy Leslie Bennet

17/1/18 Thoughts From The Shower

9/1/18 Mango Delight

14/12/17 Junior School Hygiene

5/12/17 Hwange visit November 2017

28/11/17 Longevity

21/11/17 Tears of Joy

14/11/17 Tshabalala Game Sanctuary

8/11/17 My Best friend

31/10/17 Hwange Visit - 13 to 17 October 2017

24/10/17 Third Worldisms

18/10/17 Passion

11/10/17 Hi Happiness

4/10/17 More On The Flame Lily Brooch

26/9/17 The Benefits Of Travel

19/9/17 The Queen's Flame Lily Brooch

12/9/17 Coming Home!!

6/9/17 Time, Ladies and Gentlemen

30/08/17 The Toothpaste Saga

22/08/17 Toy Dilemma

16/08/17 True Zimbos

08/08/17 Haunted Hotel!!

02/08/17 Update from Hwange National Park June 2017

26/07/17 London Looms

19/07/17 Abundant Wildlife and No Crowds:

12/07/17 Fireworks Circa 1960!

04/07/17 Some very telling Memories

27/06/17 Six Zimbabwean Special Memories

21/06/17 Pucker Up

13/06/17 Strange And Scary Medical Finds

08/06/17 Gem of a Squash

31/05/17 Homeward Bound

23/05/17 Great Truths Little Children Have Learned

16/05/17 GrandBabies !!

09/05/17 Down Memory Lane

Radio Matopos

Hwange At Easter - 2017

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Edith Duly Nursing Home Turns 58 On 10th April 2017!

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It's official - the festive season is here!

Beitbridge Border Post - Hell On Earth!

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Sonia Hattin - Eulogy read by her dear friend Adrienne Verney

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Its Always Amazes Me How Enterprising Our People Are

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Place of Many Elephants

Zimbabwe Academy of Music

A Windy Winters Day

The Landy Look

Handsome Handwriting

Mutton Dressed As Lamb

Magnificent Mana

Silence is Satisfying

House Boating on Kariba Dam

Zimbabwe's Hidden Gems

Cannes High Heel Rule.

Special Scents And Smells.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!


Monkey Blood

Is there Beauty without Cruelty?

A few good old Home Truths!!

The Magnificent Victoria Falls

The Mother

Loving Daddy Long Legs Once More

I Can Smell The Rain

The Hunt for Autumn

The Black Hole!

How Not To React At A Roadblock

The Stranger

A Valentins Weekend

Love Thy Neighbour


First World Shenanigans

Cecelia Davies

Whats in a name?

Hwange - New Year 2015

Christmas In Bulawayo

Beitbridge Blues

The Bulawayo Fountain

Do you own "TV pants"

Bring On The Rains

Funny Peculiar, Funny HaHa?

Jacarandas, Cape Chestnut

2014 African Union Sports Council Youth Games

I Feel Neglected!

Kulu Ivory

You Know You Are Living In 2014 when...

Those whacky days before 'Smart Phones'

A Life of Quiet Desperation

Eating in the Fifties

The Weaker Sex Laments

The 5 symptoms of khaki fever

Bulawayo is Shrinking

Third World Nincompoop!

Goodbye S.W. Radio

Not enough superlatives

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Searching For The Silverbacks

Watching Sport Vicariously

Bulawayo is Beautiful

Blind Spot

Remembering the Birth of Bulawayo

Things My Mother Taught Me

Child Protection Week

Bulawayo is 120 years old in June 2014!!

1950's Reconnection

The Sacred "Snooze Button"

Bulawayo 1950 Reconnection

Hunting Land

The Empty Nest Syndrome

April Rhapsody

Equine Delights

Aiden Diggeden

Mobile Magic

Seven things that may disappear in our lifetime

Just Saying!!

Hopefully Helpful Hints

Letting Off Steam

Everyone should know these facts!

The Other Side of the River

The Bulawayo Barometer

Hwange Paradise

Mugged In Kiev

A Fairytale Wedding.

Newsy Sensation

Slugs and Snails

Charge Of The Cable Brigade

The Dear Old Bulawayo Post-Office

Remember Radio Matopos?

Today I Lived.

An Unusual River Crossing !

Good Old Days, Bad Old Days

The World of Bulawayo

We Need New Names

Destination Weddings

Westgate Mall in Kenya

Hwange National Park Annual Game Count 2013

Panorama 2014

Our Bulawayo Scribes And Thespians!

Big Event

How did we ever survive?

The Month Of The Cat

The Hexagonal Chinese Tea Caddy

Dear & Glorious Pathologocal Optimist

World Rhino Day

Gibbous Moon

Man Flu

Damage To The Dignity Plus Other Things

Granny Shopping

Man Proposes - Hippo Disposes

From Ballerinas En Pointe to Pointers On Point!!

Call Of Duty

Entrepreneurs - Don'tcha Just Love Em?

A Calico Cat

Digitising Cook Books

Demonic Hatred of Queuing

Our Place In The Sun

A Gentle Sunday Bulawayo Tour

That Immense and Brooding Spirit

And The Grass Wont Pay No Mind..

Easter In Hwange National Park

R.I.P. The Iron Lady

Hounds in hot pursuit

Facts you should know

Talent Unleashed at Last!

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

Humble Housewife aka Retired Busybody

Mother Of The Bride!

Meandering through the Old Hometown

Complex World

Lavatorial Humour

African Waterbird Count

Rain In Zimbabwe

Geriatric Wipe Out

New Year Resolutions

Christmas in Bulawayo - 2012


Grain Bags and Proud Hearts

Pockets In Trousers

Two Hours Long & 56 Laps...

Night Out in Johannesburg

East Coast Sympathies

Pachyderm Pandemonium

Mastodon Maelstrom

Diable Tonnere

Humouring Granny

Fantabulous Fortnight

Uses for Diluted Peroxide

New Places To Shop In Bulawayo

Farewell Viv Wilson

These Modern New Words

The Rock

I Just Love Politics

500 And Climbing

Olympic Twitter Fever

Remembering Bulawayo

To Prune or not to Prune

500 and still going strong!

A few words on Zimbabwe

Movie Magic

Winter Delights

Disappearing Things

Queens Jubilee

Technophile Troubles!

The Song of the Carnivores

Russian Roulette Bulawayo Style


Bulawayo The Beautiful

Ignorance Is Bliss


Happy Campers

The Bathing Suit

Passport Photo Woes

Tactile Tots

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Lawnmower Graveyard

The Little Town That Could

Enigma That Is Zimbabwe

Deviousness, Dross, Debris And Duplicity

Guns 'N Roses

Magical Swallow Sunset

Chickens on the roof

Plumbers Delight

The Green Thing

No Ordinary Guest House

Christmas In Zimbabwe

Sweet Revenge

Radio Rhodesia

Fairy Godmother

African Reflections

Designer Gear

Need a Lift in this Heat?

Women of Zimbabwe Arise

PIRATES ? Not a pirate in sight !

It Was The Final Ignominy

1950s version of an E-Mail

The Life of Riley

Restaurants & Hotels of Harare

Lots of Hot Air

Encounter Mara


Spas and Toenails

Love In A Stadium

Somalia's famine

Pumping Legs For Water

The Uncommon Cold

You Know Where You Were Born If...

Do My Stars Line Up?

Charlene Wittstock

Wow! What A Little Gem The Cucumber Is

Boulevards and Banners

Tokoloshe in the Bathroom!

Silly Theories

Every mile is two in winter

Winter of Content

Binga Bird Spa

The Green Thing

Of Fascinators And Royal Equine Bloops And Blunders

Scammonyroot Disposal

Dealing with burdens of life


Neil Leslie Diamond

10 things to learn from Japan

Pet Food & Other Delights

Is There Such A Thing As A 'Bravery Pill' ?

Invented By Man

Zimbabwe TV Licence

The Ubiquitous Hanger

Everything is bigger in texas !

Would You Like To Learn A New Swear Word?

Aussie Rocks!

Best Climate in the World

Unsung Heroes

Need A Good Cry

My Eccentric Christmas Tree

Pensioners in Zimbabwe

The Sad Demise of the Christmas Card

Why are men unable to multitask?

No Cameras on the Forecourt Please

Pension? What is a Pension?

Useful and Frugal

African Rain

Litigious Society

For The Love Of Books

Kevlar and Kabul

Stepping out in my Bata pata patas

Upright And True

Southern Hemisphere Happiness

Bend Over Bazaar

Love Letters - Will they become Extinct?

One Million Zimbabwe Voices

Old Habits Die Hard

Heroes Day

Thieves, Snorkel Ears and Sand Dunes

Dogs and Cats

You Know Youre A Zimbo If...

Winter In Zimbabwe

Hipsters, Belts & Bell Bottoms

Eveline High School is 100years old

Kariba Flood

World Football

Botox? Who needs Botox??

Bulawayo Reunion

Lion Attack

Bullivant Bustle

Great Dane & the Forklift

Steam Adventure

Rugby Blues

The Water Is Wide

Tiny Things

Save Mana Pools

Trust Me And Come On Over!!

Gwaai River Hotel

Bulawayo's Very First Oscar!

Luck Of The Irish

The Modern Girls' Corset

Come on Over!!

Born With A Silver Spoon Firmly Clenched In The Mouth

Zimbabwe A National Emergency (ZANE)

Wretched Wormless Wench

Staples and Stiches

Once in a Blue Moon New Year

Living On A Knife Edge

Auld lang syne

Spring Cleaning Blues

Bulawayo Balletomanes

Efifi Valley

Joyous Times

Colcom Pork Sausages

Brides, Kilts and Bagpipes


The African Child

Happy Birthday Mrs Ibby - 100 Years Old

A Wannabe Granny's Musings....

More Bulawayo Days

Bulawayo Days

Sister Roux Hospital


Starlight Classics

Hairbrush away from sanity

Labour Of Love

A Very Special Book!

Bulawayo Reunion

How Old Are You?

Mater Dei Hospital

The 75th Anniversary Of The Bulawayo Club

To Braai or Not to Braai

Throwing a Bit of Light

Empirically Available

Hier Kom Die Bokke

My New Friend The Hoax Slayer


Yahoo Problems

Remember Your Childhood

Comrades Here I Come!

Bulawayo Is Beautiful Again

Edith Duly Nursing Home Golden Jubilee

City Clean Up Saturday 16 May

Fueling Around

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

Zimbabwe's best Export

Lets get The Wheels Of Local Industry Rolling Again!

Heal The Beloved Country

One House At A Time

I Had A Farm In Africa

To A Brave Lady

Mayoral Mutterings

Petria Ponderings



People, People, People!!

My Handyman

Annie Doyle Has Gone Home To Her Family!

Edith Duly

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Wheelbarrow Wonderland

Where are our Human Rights in Zimbabwe ?

Rod the Rocker

Oh Frabjous Day, Calloo Callay

Dante ? Who The Heck Was Dante?

ZipLocked Zimbabweans

Traffic Jam Blues and Bloopers

Prayers For Black & Blue Ladies

Red Roses for Black and Blue Ladies

The Cash Crisis Continueth!!

The Hangover Hanger

Romantic Dinners By Candelight

Of Gavels and Wigs

The Black Hole Of Despair

Reporting from Zimfest 2008

Our Own Kirsty!!

Cool Travel Conversation Stoppers

The Reluctant Knitter

Older Than Dirt Quiz:

Treadmill Tremors

Between the Sheets!

Blow Wave

Blog Believers/ Email Forwarders/ Gossip Mongers Beware

Hold on a moment while I "Collapse"

Its the noughts that can bamboozle !

Pathological Optimists & Other Nice People

Letter from Abroad

Designer Prison Garb

Help, Help, Help

Dear World, Remember Me?

Pavement blockers and shoplifters

Mags is out on bail

Mags has been jailed by Mugabe...

What I Have Said

Hot Prospects & Hot Cross Buns

Diesel And Dog Food

The Other Man In My Life

Tottering along to Chimanimani

Power of Prayer

Red Eyed Turtle Doves & Hammers & Kops

Mad Max And The Municipal Landfill

Water Wows not Water Woes!!

Heal our Land Oh Lord

Pothole Competition

A Hyenas View of Life

Seven Wonders of Zimbabwe

God Bless You All At Christmas Time

Christmas in Zimbabwe

Zim Quirks

Baby Boomer Christmas Hamper

Matrons Wish List

The Immense & Brooding Spirit Still Shall Quicken & Control...

Obsessive Compulsive


Bulawayo in 1947

Missing Husbands

Mazoe Withdrawals

Amanzi Cannons

The Supermarket Stagger

The Deadly Water Crisis In Bulawayo

Jacaranda Spotting

We Saved Our Coelacanth

The Tissue Issue

Hunting and Gathering

Bulawayo Athletics Club (B.A.C.) fire

Mountain Madness

Flied Lice

Gadgets and Gizmos

Memo From God to Zimbabwe

The Principality of Victoria Falls

Star Spangled Water Woes!

Register To Vote

Affirmations for each day

Power Cut Blues

Accolades To Our Commercial Farmers

Zimbabwe Jails vrs Paris Hilton in Jail

Annual Neologism Contest - From the Washington Post

Older n Dirt

Rhodes University Re-Visisted

Trade Fair Week in Bulawayo

The Place of Elephants

Are your parents still living in Zimbabwe?

No Brides in the Park

Were you a Grey Street Cowboy?

Dear World

The Walrus and the Carpenter

Are You Sweating Sweetie?

Guilty As Sin

The Sad Series

I Owe it all to my Mother!!

Bulawayo Water Rationing

Colour Blind!

My Horse Hair Shirt

Nocturnal Dementia

My Dysfunctional Family Christmas

Homeless but not hopeless in Africa

Gold amidst the glitter

Make A Plan

Tassel Tossing

6:30 Get Up Up Up Up!

Leave My Bugs Alone!

The Mother Of All Storms

Aunty Poppys Panic Bag

70 Favourite Words

The Borrow Street Swimming pool

Things to do for fun in Zimbabwe

The Right Royal Frock

Heads and Tails

Spring Fever

Coelacanths and Crematoriums

The Magic of the Matopo Hills

A Love Affair With A Paint Roller

Where's Charlie?

MacMish Magic

Pet Rules

You are Unique

Thankyou Jane and Steve

Primeval Mutterings

Chicken Soup



In a Spin

Tour De Falcon

Father Odilo Weeger CMM has died

Help Change the World!!

The Exiles

The Victoria Falls

The Story of Mothers Day.

RoadSide Shopping!

HEEHOO Speaks!

Tree Junkie

You know youre a Zimbabwean if...

Deep in the heart

When I Die Don't Bury Me Deep!

Gwayi-Shangani Dam

The Torch

Hurrican Hudah

How to give a cat a pill

Going Whacky in Waco

Wedding of the Year

The Dreaded Swim Suit Purchase

Mystries Of Cyberspace

What happened to Wooty?

Make a Plan

Twas the Night after Christmas

Do you Realise?

My Brother

Thank You's

An Old Farmer's Advice

Letter From Jesus

The Zimbabwe Raindance

Panel Beating Blues!

Typing Blues!

Where was your baby born?

Home again!

First World Seasons

Waiting for the rain...

Kissing Frogs?

Mid-Life Crisis!

Dress For Success

Bulawayo Rocks

Airline Cabin Announcements

If my body was a car!!

The dreaded C.O.L.

More on Bands

Billy Goat Musings

Advice From My Kind Of Doctor

The Broekie Brigade

Water Facts

Washing my dirty socks

For Baby Boomers Only

The Bulawayo Flower Sellers

Man's Inhumanity To Man

The Legendary Comrades Marathon

Moonwalk Marathon

Interesting Snippets

Death of the Book

The Switch

Im So Thankful

For All Mothers

Prince & Princess Petal

London Grumbling

I Hate Dr Atkins

Tips for Housewives & Househusbands

To The Heroes

Changes In Our Capital

A Wonderful Message

Milk Money

The New Bulawayo C.B.D.

We the Survivor's

A Valentine Day Giggle

Addicted to Email

Snail Patrol

How to kill your husband

Gadgets Galore

Baby Boomers

Happy New Year

Our Staple Diet


Big Eaters Unite!!

Are you a Carrot, Egg or Coffee Bean?

Round Table Railway

Byo Airport



Farewell Clem Tholet

It Anit Easy being Green

A Friend

Grand Children

The Privy Council

Go Bokke

Street Kids

Equine Bliss Once Again

Why Men are just Happier people

A Wrapping Frenzy

Baubles & Barbets

Deep Fried Turkey Anyone?

Have a Heart

Nothing To Crow About

Where HAve All The Buffalo Gone?

Thank Goodness We Live In Zimbabwe

Are You Sending Christmas Cards This Year?

Blue Headed Lizards

Torahs & Tragedies

Where Have All The Gardners Gone?

Where Have All My Buddies Gone? - Reprise

Where Have All My Buddies Gone?

Brides, Petrias and Plastic Bags

Washday Blues

Nose Tweakers of the World Unite

Government Bashing

Frostbite Musings

I am a Veteran Comrades Marathon Spectator

Comrades 2003 - by Joanne Kriel

2003 and beyond.......

Civilisation Will Triumph

Let's Reminisce

Where The Heck Are My Tweezers?

Happy Mother's Day Mom

The Joy of Weeding

The Urbane Armadillo

Lady Birds and Bluebonnets

Voices From Our Glorious Past

The Boys in Bloem

The Gym Experience

Fuel Queue Trivia

The Guy's Guide To Surviving Valentine's Day

Even More "Good Old Days"

The Good Old Days

The Undressing of the Christman Tree

Auld Lang Syne

From Ashes to Diamonds

Thank You From All In Bulawayo

Power Yoga Texas Style

BOTOX Is The Way To Go

No Christmas in Zimbabwe

A Texas Church Service

Loos I Have Known & Loved

Shopping Trip To Die For

Zim Memories

If It's Monday It Must Be Diet!!

My New Bathing Suit

Anatomy of a Farmer

Tribute to a Toy Pom

To Queue or not to Queue

Inside the Head of a dispossessed Zimbabwe Landowner

Play the Game Please !!