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MISSING HUSBAND ! Thank goodness the Rugby World Cup is over and I can have my Husband back !!

HeeHoo is definitely not the same man, when the World Cup is taking place, he becomes distracted, distraught and detached !!

His dreams, I am sure, are all in green and gold Technicolor, and involve drop goals, running after Wilkinson, scrumming with Os, he even sings Bok Van Blerk songs in his sleep !!

His right foot twitches and jerks so much that even the cats leave the Marital Bed...

His pillow is almost continuously twisted in the shape of a rugby ball when he awakes, and when and staggers off to the office, it is not to work, but to phone his friends and talk Bokke talk !!

I can even get him to go and queue for essential commodities, as he is bound to find a fellow Supporter in a bread or a Pilsener queue somewhere !!

It all started when that wretched Boeing flew over the Ellis Park stadium in 1995 having his roots deep in the Kokstad hinterland ... his Bokke blood flowed like the Vaal River, his Leurloop Heart pounded furiously, and he vowed to never miss his Team ever !!

Our car sound system, when we travel, used to resound with intellectual podcasts, Richard Burton reading Thomas Hardy, or snippets from thought provoking Talk Shows, but for months now we have been listening to Rugby Songs about some chap called "Habana" by Bok Van Blerk !!

Television has always been a nightmare in our house, HeeHoo watches one channel and our legendary butler Charlie watches the other !!

Needless to say the telly has been tuned to nothing but Bokke related topics, "Famous Tries, Legendary Kicks, Stupendous Drop Goals" et al, for months now !!

If I hear Naas Botha's voice once more I am going to scream (Mind you I don't mind the odd sneaky peek at Victor Mattfield when HeeHoo is not looking !)

Bokke fever reached a peak in S.A. this week, I gather the traffic police were wearing Springbok jerseys and even the entire S.A. Army had the S.A. flag tattooed on their faces......

At the Oliver Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, a green carpet the entire length of the runway was laid down for the returning Heroes, and at Heathrow the London Fire Brigade must have used the equivalent of Zimbabwe's entire water ration for the whole year, spraying the Springbok plane as it arrived in all its glorious triumph.

Oh well, its all over now, we can become Man and Wife again for a couple of months, until I find him secretly perusing the New Zealand Travel Guides, and I know the whole delightful experience is going to start all over again.

TIC x x x