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Like the Phoenix from the Ashes, the beautiful new Kulu Ivory Lodge rises in all its spendour in the soft dawn light.
The newest of the stunning upmarket lodges in the extraordinary Dete Valley - Kulu Ivory is an integral part of the Amalinda Collection, a private family run safari and accommodation company, and Kulu Ivory must indeed be the Flagship.

Set deep in the Dete Vlei, amidst broad brimmed Msasa and Mopane Trees, overlooking a large waterhole, Kulu sets itself apart from most of the Lodges in the area. Magnificently appointed in leather, teak and brass, with comfortable chesterfields set deep in the shade of the main thatched entertainment area, leading down to a plunge pool on a wide and welcoming deck.

The tented rooms on stilts are tastefully decorated, luxurious and peaceful after a hard day game spotting. We were treated to the Honeymoon Suite which boasted an outside ball and claw tub and open-air dual showers!

The elephants from the area, including the presidential herd, and one rascal called “Mazoe” have decided that the plunge pool is theirs, and gently, almost apologetically, raid it on a nightly basis, enjoying the pure cool waters of the pool in preference to that in the pan!!

The staff at Kulu are exceptional, exuding a genuine warmth amidst professional and attentive care for the discerning guests.

Combining luxurious and private accommodation with old world hospitality, Kulu is undoubtedly a place to completely relax, but if you feel energetic, the lodge offers expertly guided game drives on the Concession or in the main Hwange Game Park.

We learnt so much from Dudley, our entertaining guide, who was a fount of knowledge and came up with many anecdotes like, the fact that elephant dung, steeped in boiled water, is medicinally sought after by pregnant women!!

As we sat in utter peace and quiet on our balcony, the only noises we could hear were the shrill cicada cacophony, the guttural grunts of the elephant, and the chatter of a baboon family who were playing around the waterhole.

Through the dry bush a herd of male kudu were making their way cautiously to the pan, and a juvenile Martial Eagle was waiting for his parents to join him after a foray to find him some delicious tidbits.

Undoubtedly Kulu Ivory can lay claim to it’s motto “Quintessentially Rustic Luxury”.