To Iron Or Not To Iron          - 1/2/2017      <--Prev : Next-->

It was the tiniest little shirt I had ever ironed in my life!
Navy and signal-red checks with a tiny collar and minuscule sleeves with turn back cuffs!!

I LIKE to iron; there's a satisfaction in the whisssssssp of the steam-float as the hot metal coasts across a rough patch, leaving it slick and almost shining. I like the manouvering around buttons and belt-loops, the intricacies of collar, cuffs, plackets, pleats. But my daughters!! They don't even know what an iron looks like!!!

Ironing tiny little shirts is a lot easier than ironing shirts for Big Boys!! Why do they always choose linen shirts I ask you, no one in their right mind can iron a linen shirt successfully.
HeeHoo insists on ironed shirts and so far in the USA I have managed to trick him into accepting a tumble-dried shirt, the modern shirts are generally pretty forgiving.

The standards have dropped considerably since I started Granny Sitting in the USA, no ironed sheets!!! EEEEK..........
I do iron the pillow cases though and am pretty proud of that feat.

What I do miss is the smell of sun dried linen, no one in the USA dries their linen on the line in the sun, every stitch is tumble dried and no amount of dryer sheets or Sta-Soft can replace the smell of sun dried sheets. My excuse, and I am sticking to it, is that in Zim we have the dreaded Putzie Fly, which necessitates the strict and complete ironing of everything or face the nasty consequences. No Putzi Flies here, so why iron

As for hankies!! HeeHoo refuses to believe me that people in America never use hankies! I even bought him some of those giant sized men's Kleenex tissues, but he refuses to use them, he insists on his nice crisp white cotton hankies which HAVE to be ironed!!

And then there are the pretty holly-sprigged, damask napkins I brought from home for Christmas. I thought idly of taking them home for Gogo to iron but then reluctantly knuckled down to the task.......

Dry cleaners here in the USA offer an extraordinary service. Just hang your dry cleaning on the front door, text them with your credit card details, they will collect, and then deliver when clean and pressed! And its a very economical service as well!