Never Travel Without

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Never ever travel without your 'Furniture Dots' !!

I know we are not travelling much these days but borders are opening slowly so be prepared !! How many times have you tried to sleep in an hotel room and there are bright lights flashing at you from all corners of the room One from the air conditioner, one from the fire detector and that ghastly red or blue one from the television

HeeHoo says I am Obsessive Compulsive as I used to meander around the room draping towels over lights, climbing up on desks and chairs to reach the high ones, climbing under desks and chairs to reach the low ones. I even used to try the 'Old Indian' chair on top of desk trick if I was desperate!

But then I found a fabulous trick on Pinterest!! Furniture dots!! You know those little felt dots that one puts at the bottom of a chair leg to stop it from scratching the floors Well carry a small ziplock bag of those with you, stick a dot over the offending light, and all will be well, as long as you remember to remove them when you move on........


Edith Duly Nursing Home is the only Frail Care home in Matabeleland. We are seeking a few donations for our 'Oldies' in the form of
Gently used clothing both ladies / gents
Christmas decorations
New or used Birthday / Christmas wrapping paper

The phone number is 09 - 2 208525
or send a whaps app Precious on 0775 849 156