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Looking at the Baby Boomer Headquarters Website I see they are producing a Baby Boomer Gift basket for Christmas.

Of course it is the American version, but we would probably conjure up our own Zimbabwe Baby Boomer gift basket and just imagine" what everything would be like as sure as nuts we could never find the articles anywhere let alone afford to buy them. BUT WE CAN DREAM !

But My Baby Boomer Christmas Hamper would contain the following :

A genuine, hand-crafted Tie-dyed T-shirt (extra-large)
A yo yo
A frisbee
A copy of Ritchie Rich or L'il Dot Comic
An old old copy of the film" Tarzan and Jane" with a private showing to Bulawayo baby Boomers only in the Palace Cinema on a Saturday Morning - price one and thrupence !!

An old copy of "The Saint" with Roger Moore,

A copy of Cliff Richard's "Summer Holiday" C.D.
A copy of a CD by the Bulawayo Group "Sapphires"

Books of Just William and The Hardy Boys.

A CD of our favourite TV programmes - Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Magnum, Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip, The Untouchables, The Third Man, Dr Kildare, and Rawhide

A bag of liquorice straps, yellow marshmallow bananas and pink marshmallow fish.

A showing of The Texan Rock Bank Competition at the Trade Fair Amphitheatre where The Zoo, The Tallboys, the Short Circuit Guavas , The Silhouettes, Otis Waygood, Four Jacks and a Jill, and the Ramblers, would be featuring !

A voucher for coffee at the "Coffee Pot" in Kirrie Buildings or the Hub in the Carlton centre.

Tickets to a dance at the Jewish Guild hall, including a conducted tour of climbing in through the toilet window to see Otis Waygood, and the Zipper brothers - Ivor Rubenstein, Benny Millar and Lea Sagar.

Tickets to a session at either St Margaret's Church hall in Famona or a scene at St Johns Church - Harker Hall or St Mary's Hall at the Catholic Cathedral with the bands and songs of yesteryear.

All girls to wear dresses with a waist and a belt and yards and yards of stiff net petticoats underneath !!

What are your favourite "Baby Boomer" memories for our Boomer Christmas Hamper ? e mail magskriel@mac. com