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There is something vastly special about a horse. Horses can become as close to humans as can dogs. I used to ride extensively in my teens and grew to dearly love the horses that were mine over a period of time.

My very favorite horse was called Thunderclap, we bought it from Malcolm Sargeant, and then there was dear and glorious Hobo who came from Roger Hill.

The little bay pony Princess was my nemesis, she was one of Leander Riding Schools ponies, she had a wicked eye and seemed determined to throw me off at every possible chance she could find.

Later on in life HeeHoo bought me a beautiful thoroughbred grey called Icarus, but old age and old bones had now made me wary of riding which had been my first love for many enchanting years.

To see the interaction between disabled children and horses is quite one of the most entrancing things that can happen to a person.

The Southern Equestrian Centre has a programme previously called RDA (Riding for the Disabled). This programme is now called 'Healing With Horses' and is very important indeed, specially to the lives of some very young people from KG VI school and The Sandra Jones Village.

KG VI Rehabilitation Centre sends 24 children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy to the Southern Equestrian Centre every week, and the centre is able to afford to offer the programme to five children from the Sandra Jones Village. The Sandra Jones Village cares for many many special young people, orphans, HIV babies and children from abusive backgrounds.

Seeing the joy, the exquisite joy, that 'Healing With Horses' brings to these little people is quite one of the most enthralling experiences and the palpable interaction between child and horse is chillingly beautiful.

'We would love to be able to help more children' say Aileen and Jill from the Southern Equestrian Centre, 'but we sorely need more funding.'

If you are in a position to offer assistance, in cash or kind, please do assist this amazing enterprise, they need your help to 'Make a difference'.

Cnr Old Esigodini Road/Chandler Road
Phone: Aileen 0773 472 225
E mail: jillburgess06@gmail.com