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Its official HeeHoo has declared the Colcom Pork Sausage the best in the world !!

Now HeeHoo is no sausage eating slouch, he has travelled far and wide and has tasted many a savory snorker in most countries in the world ....

He has sampled black pudding in Ireland, bratwurst in Austria, knackwurst in Germany, bologna in Italy, and Kielbasa in Poland.

According to him the saucison in France are too spicy, the cervelat in Switzerland too bland, the hot dogs in Texas too pasty, and everyone else's sausages are weenies compared to the majestic Colcom Breakfast Banger !!

Now the wurst he ever tasted was the one from Waco, it was a blimp stuffed with mozzarella and jalepeno, mmm sounded delicious but his taste buds rejected it outright.

Toad in the hole in London left him croaking and the souse he tried in Wales made him long for home.

Once when he was particularly homesick for his snorkers, I tried to coerce his listless appetite with Botargo aka "poor mans caviar". The mere name titillated his taste buds a tad until I explained the ingredients ......

Botargo is the roe pouch of tuna or grey mullet, or sometimes swordfish. It is massaged by hand to eliminate air pockets, then dried and cured in sea salt for a few weeks. The result is a dry hard slab, which is coated in beeswax for keeping.

He booked his flight home the very next day !!

The majestic Colcom banger did go through a lean stage once when times were tight in Zimbabwe.

They became a bright and pernicious pink and popped out of their skins at the slightest touch. (Just as HeeHoo and I are doing right now after eating so much scrumptious Colcom sausages and mash)