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Brides, Kilts and Bagpipes

We went to our God Daughter's wedding in Brisbane last week, there were more Scots there, I think, than there are left in Scotland !!

It was the union between Sherrie Ann McNeilage and John Paul Palmer and so many of the wedding guests were ex Zimbabwean - it was a true "gathering of the Clans"

Now a proper Caledonian wedding is absolutely beautiful and loads of fun !! There are so many glorious ancient customs which make it very special, and of course there was every tartan under the sun.

My dear departed Mum used to tell me that we hailed from the Black Douglas clan in Scotland and that in fact we were related to Flora MacDonald of Bonnie Prince Charlie fame !!

Oh yes, there are signs that pointed to our having descended from Scottish Sheep Stealers which would possibly explain the propensity one has for running foul of the law in Zimbabwe !!

The Scottish groom chose a black ceremonial kilt with a dirk and sporran, he looked magnificent, but the bride was so absolutely beautiful, even the tartan Kilted retinue could not outshine this vivacious bride.

The nuptials were celebrated in the Brisbane Botanic gardens with the skyline of the city silhouetted with the setting sun in the back ground, Sacred Ibis were roosting in the trees nearby and a solitary piper played haunting Irish melodies softly amidst the rose petals.

Dimple Haig was passed around liberally and as the celebrations due to a very noisy conclusion, the groomsmen in true Scottish style, during a festive dash across the dance floor, proved or disproved the age old theory about what scotsmen wear under their kilts !!

To see the couple off in fine style, the guests all joined hands and sang a teary eyed rendition of that glorious ballad " On the bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond".

Ooch aye, it was a glorious wedding, even though everyone was so far from "Home" where the hearts of the brides parents - John and Merle McNeilage - will always belong.