CITY CLEAN UP SATURDAY 16 MAY.          - 5/5/2009      <--Prev : Next-->

The Citizens of Bulawayo in conjunction with some very enthusiastic High Schools, will be combining in a "City Center Clean Up" on Saturday 16 May.

Commencing at 7.45 am at the City Hall car park, businesses, Schools, Church groups, (and you and me,) will endeavour to bring back some City Pride.

There are several other Clean Up Campaigns also on the go at other times, one at MacDonald Club, one at Queens Sports Club, our Mayor started a campaign in Mpopoma and Makokoba, but on 16 May, YOU are invited to bring your lorries, your spades, your garbage bags, and join us in this very important moral building and hygienic exercise !!

The more the merrier, the more of us there are, the more of the Cities Avenues we can clean up and from there the Municipal trash removal can commence once again. There is, I am told on good authority a wonderful NGO busy restoring our garbage trucks, so once we "break the back" (metaphorically speaking of course) the municipal lorries can play their regular role again.

Now HeeHoo has begun his pre "lets climb Everest " campaign, and has been dragging me, kicking and screaming, on various forced marches around the city and environs. I have been appalled at the state of the spare lots of land around the city, there are mountains of garbage that has been dumped by our less caring citizens.

I beg, I beseech, I implore all night club owners, business people, residents, DO NOT HIRE THOSE SCANIA DRIVERS - just because you do not see where YOUR garbage is dumped does not mean you are not responsible for it.

In the southern end of Suburbs , near Townsend School, there are several bars, watering holes, clubs and just plain shebeens, and literally tons of empty beer cans have been dumped by "someone"

HeeHoo objects strongly when I stop our Everest gallop, start to sift through the trash, looking for a sign of who is the culprit. A bar slip perhaps, an invoice ???

Now there are several of us busy body self proclaimed "mayoresses" who have the good of the city at heart and I know a number of people who have had a lot of luck by doing some serious dump sleuthing. Veronica the Mayoress of Parklands is particularly good at this, as is Claire the Mayoress of ilanda.

The new Municipal fines in forex are steep, very very steep and YOU will be caught I promise you. So do yourself a favour and go and remove your cans pronto before the Super Sleuths swing into action.

The schools need to instruct our children in cleanliness. KEEP YOUR CITY CLEAN !!

The other day I watched in amazement as a city pharmacist swept her pavement clean outside the pharmacy, but swept all the trash out into the street ! Surely seven years of Pharmacopeia makes one aware of the importance of cleanliness ??

Lets keep our city clean and all meet Saturday 16 May at 7.45 at the City Hall car park.