The Famous Bulawayo Siren

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The Famous Bulawayo Siren

What a familiar sound! Having lived in Suburbs my entire life, the sound of the seven am 'call to work' siren is so comforting.

The siren is perched on the roof of the National Railways of Zimbabwe mechanical workshops in Raylton, Bulawayo and was used to signal working hours for the railway workers in days gone by.

Being close to town it could be heard loud and clear at 7 am and at 4.30. A bit dicey these days with Zesa problems and maintenance issues, but when one does hear it, it brings a glow to the heart..

Of course the person who know everything about Bulawayo is Paul Hubbard who does wonderful guiding tours around our city and the environs. (His number available on request.)

We didn't hear it this morning, there is a power cut of course, but that sometimes also happens when the wind blows in the wrong direction.

Yesterday was a poignant day because I came across an old photo of my Mom, (who would have been 100 years old this week) bless her beautiful heart. The photo was of Mom when she was crowned 'Asbestos Queen' at the Shabani Mine Ball, probably 80 years ago!! The photo was taken by Leo Silver!

Now who remembers Leo Silver Married to Dorothy.

He had two daughters Vivian and Audrey. His daughter Audrey was at Eveline School with me and we used to play together at their house in Kumalo. ('Hang Out' is the modern word for 'play' !)

Then of course there was Robal's Studios, established after the war by Robert Franks (Bob). His proficiency in photography ensured that he officiated at many weddings, schools, colleges, military establishments and recorded numerous historic events. Some of his official portrait subjects included Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Governors, and Prime Ministers of Rhodesia.


The A.G.M. of the Natural History Museum of Bulawayo.

3 pm on Sunday 23rd April.

Butterfly Talk by Dr Alan Gardiner
Official Opening of the Butterfly Garden

Museum Grounds - Park Road and Leopold Takawira Ave.

Humanity still exists........

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