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The banks must definitely have the cleanest chairs in town these days. All that Bum Shuffling as we move stoically from one seat to the next in an effort to draw our own money!!

Why can they not institute a number system, which would be so much more civilized, allow one to trot off and buy the bread and milk, instead of sitting there, crowded and confined, sneezing flue germs over each other
Also it would alleviate the pressure on one's spine as we heave ourselves from chair to chair without disrupting the entire banking hall!

'Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth'.

I keep on saying that to myself as I sit in the queue in the bank, trying not to get agitated. This passage from Matthew in the Bible was read to us on many occasions by our headmistress at Eveline High School, - the imposing Miss Winifred Powell. Many passages that Miss Powell read at morning Assembly, stuck in my mind, and this one was no exception.

'Why does one have to be meek in a bank queue ' I can almost hear you ask

Well this ridiculous situation in which we find ourselves in Zimbabwe YET AGAIN !! is just so frustrating and so scary. As we sit patiently waiting for a handout of just $100 we wonder how dare anyone limit us to withdrawing our very own money

Now I know I am very lucky to have the wherewithal to withdraw $100 a day, most people do not have this luxury in Zimbabwe, but I resent the fact that I have to spend the next two weeks, 45 minutes to an hour every day, bum shuffling along the chairs in a queue, to amass enough money to pay my month-end bills!!

Of course the real fear in us all, is that the situation will disintegrate into the awful disaster we lived through in 2008/2009. Absolutely no goods on the shelves, queuing daily to withdraw our maximum allowance that could only purchase a half a loaf of bread.

Already there are limits on the amounts of basics one can buy in the shops.... the oil and sugar first of course....

As for the word 'meek' !! I dare you to try and queue-jump a banking queue!! A Bank Lynching is not far off believe me!!

'The Meek shall inherit the earth
Oh my goodness, on second thoughts, I might be meek, but I am not sure at all that I want to inherit this sad little earth that we live on !