Hoarders Unite !!

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I adore winter, a walk into my winter wardrobe is like walking down memory lane. The fact that I have not worn most of the clothes hiding right in the back for thirty years, is no barrier!! Burgeoning hips have had absolutely nothing to do with it, changing fashions have been no obstacle, even the silverfish have not been a hurdle!!

But now, thanks to you Covid, I can testify to HeeHooMustBeObeyed as to exactly why I have been keeping those winter clothes!! Some of them even fit, the fashions have come back into fashion, and I am the envy of the Coffee Set!!

That mauve and grey Scottish skirt Mum bought me in Sixth Form, pure wool in the Cameron Clan tartan, featuring elegant leather detail, with a lovely silver kilt pin! How many times have I been tempted to disown it, disinherit it Send it to SPCA, pass it on to Bulawayo Shelter, give it to my Housekeeper

Mum told me we were descendants of Bonnie Prince Charlie, (illegitimately I believe, he was never married to Flora MacDonald, the rascal, she was only his girl friend.) So my Clan Tartan is very special!!

Every single year I have gazed at it in agony, examining it minutely for tell tale signs of silverfish damage, tried it on heaving and sweating Every year it has been given a reprieve and placed back tenderly on its ancient hangar, diligently crocheted by my darling Mom...

If you hold onto something long enough, I have discovered, it will come back into fashion. Wide legged trousers were in fashion in the seventies and eighties, we used to call them 'bell bottoms'! For decades now we have been wearing slim legged jeans, workwear and slacks, which suit small people like me.

Now bell bottoms are back and I can haul out those trousers I wore when my kids were small! I clearly remember walking down 12th Avenue, past Borrow Street to Children's house, the nursery school. Ramona Winterboer and I would be wearing platform shoes and brightly coloured flared pants.

The problem is that nowadays the platform shoes are out of the question, we wear gym shoes or low boots and if you are tiny, Bell Bottoms can make you look...well......bell-bottomed!!!

HeeHoo has an excellent eye for fashion, during the years he would travel extensively to the fashion capitals of the world, he would bring us girls back exquisite garments. The girls loved them, Carducci for SheHooMustWear Kevlar, a multitude of enviable gymnastics leotards and Speedo diving swimwear for SheHooMust Run.

Albeit most of my beautiful outfits were too small for moi, (he would buy the size he would have liked me to be) but beautifully tailored, exquisite fabrics, reeking of wealth and prosperity. Some of them never passed the test of time, my Fendi coat in Black Chamois Leather and Velvet virtually disintegrated and a lot of the other outfits never saw the light of day, but now some of them even fit!!

Would YOU dispense with the magnificent garments your dearly beloved bought you in Zurich, London or Rome Even if they are forty years old

Watch Dog

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Cure is a Christian non-profit organisation in a public-private partnership with the Ministry of Health and Childcare.
We offer paediatric surgical interventions for children between the ages of 0-18 years with treatable disabilities.
We specialise in orthopaedic and plastic reconstructive surgeries to treat conditions like cleft lip and palate, burn contractors, clubfoot, knock knees, bowed legs, osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones) windswept knees and neglected trauma.

The services we offer include
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