DAMAGE TO THE DIGNITY PLUS OTHER THINGS.          - 16/7/2013      <--Prev : Next-->

I certainly did not need to go for a walk that day!! I must have walled 2 kilometers around and around the bed !!

It was that new-fangled electric blanket I had bought for SheHooMustWearKevlar. For anyone else I would have abandoned it after the first forty revolutions of the darn double bed but SheHoo was in desperate need of some motherly mollycoddling.

The electric blanket had a complicated series of tapes and ties to keep it down firmly on the bed, and do you think my simple brain could work this out? I pulled, pushed and pummeled that blanket for forty minutes, heaving that heavy mattress around, shoving and lifting till my entire lumbar region was squinched, and sciatica was shooting up and down my leg!!

When I pulled the tape on one side, it would pucker the blanket on the other side, I walked around and around the bed so many times I felt dizzy!! However with true motherly love (?) eventually, perspiration dripping down my knotted spine, I won the day and it was perfectly straight and in the right position.

The secret with third world electric blankets is not to allow the giant switch to interfere with the ribcage, and to pull it down just enough to warm the tootsies. Fortunately SheHooMustWearKevlar is only liddle!!

Now to make the bed and turn on the switch and HEY PRESTO !

I stood back to admire my mornings work .......but.........what is this? ........... no light? I had walked three kilometers, bent and heaved and stretched myself into serious need for a chiropractor, damaged my dignity and the electric blanket was faulty!

This is where any normal person would give up, but gritting my teeth and girding my loins I valiantly stripped the bed again, undid the forty three tapes, and marched in high dudgeon back to the shop!!

Oh dear said the supercilious little salesman, you forgot to press the safety switch!

Grrrrrrr Being able to read Chinese is obviously obligatory in Africa these days!!!!!!!!