THE LUCK OF THE IRISH          - 3/3/2010      <--Prev : Next-->

The heavens opened on Friday in Matabeleland, many people in the CBD and Hillside areas say this was the storm of the season. Go to the Morning Mirror website and see pics of the Twelfth Avenue bridge under water !! (Well go next week cos I have not put it up yet, gone fishing ....)

Sadly the Cancer Association's Music By Moonlight evening was washed out on the Friday and the Girls' College Blarney Brothers Saturday Musical evening was seriously under threat too !!

But with the luck of the Irish, the clouds cleared, the sodden ground dried just enough to allow for the erection of tents (Just in case) and those magical Irish men who have performed in Bulawayo so many times, took to the makeshift stage on the Girls' College sports field. 2010 was the 37th Anniversary of the Blarney Brothers!

The Blarney Brothers have been livening up Parties, Beerfests, Bar mitzvahs and other South African and Zimbabwean gala events with their unique blend of traditional and contemporary sing-along, dance-along hits. The band has remained relatively unchanged over the years, and the current line-up comprises:
PAUL Mc ILROY - Keyboards, Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals
DAMIEN Mc ILROY - Guitar, Vocals
TONY FISHER - Bass, Violin, Vocals

It was indeed a coup de grace in reverse.

The community was suffering from three sad and sudden deaths and our spirits were at an all time low, nothing that a little bit of old Irish Blarney could not repair !!

As our revered President said, "none of us white Zimbabweans who were born in Zim are indigenous" ?..... "Even those of us whose parents and grand parents were born here are still settlers" ?? and although I heartily disagree with his .... there is a little bit of Irish in each and every one of us.

We danced and sang our sadness into a little black corner and many of those wonderful old Irish Ballads came flooding back.

Songs like "Galway Bay" ..... there was never a song like it and there never will be again !!

Of course when they sand "We all stand together" it made us realise just what steadfast community we are and will always be.

A community that has stood together for many decades and will continue to stand together for our country, our children and our commitment to justice and peace.

Sharon and Gary Fury and the Girls' College Fund raising team did an amazing job and they are to be commended on this spectacular event.

We lo forward to the next visit by the amazing Blarney Brothers.