Restful Respite

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I wish I was settling down for an afternoon snooze
In the coolness of a big room with red veranda floors
And large windows thrown open wide,
So wide that I could hear the cicadas
Lulling me off to sleep
With the sun on the candle wick bedspread
Warming my toes
Solid wooden rafters
Lovingly holding up a thatched rooftop
Sturdy dark teak wood furniture
Cream crocheted cloths
Homemade patch-work cushions
Gran's verdant fern spilling out over the top of a copper pot,
The smell of wood fires from the nearby village wafting in mixed with Jasmine perfume and orange blossom
And pungent khaki Bush
The burst of colour from the bougainvillea in the near distance
The chatter of women's voices as they pass on the dusty path
And the silence when they've gone
No man's land
The space between consciousness and dreaming
As I give myself over to complete relaxation
And allow my body to heal
My spirit to rest
In a haven of respite
And as I return to this cocoon of safety
Womb-like and familiar
Where the passing from day to night
Is just a trick of the light
With the breathing in of the fresh, resplendent air
I am reborn
At one with it,
The hustle and bustle is finished now
No more will I strive to do more
No more will push myself to brink of exhaustion
The debt is paid
The deed is done
As I surrender into the arms of oblivion.

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