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2017........and nothing has changed in Zimbabwe!!

The Flame Lilies are flowering along the road between Bulawayo and Hwange. The Saint Joseph's lilies are festooning the verges in Chimanimani and Nyanga.

The Dahlias and Marigolds are flowering, the Coleus abound, the Petunias are hating the rain but everyone else is loving it!! The dams are filling slowly, the rivers are running and all's well with the world.

But still nothing has changed....

His Excellency is on holiday and rumors will begin to abound about his health pretty soon, they always do in January.
Next month is His 93rd birthday and his Acolytes will praise him lavishly in full page advertisements in the state controlled media, his opponents will complain about the money spent on his birthday bash.

Nothing has changed....

The majority of our People are still living well below the poverty line. The pavements are covered with Entrepreneurs, the roads are covered with potholes. The banks are empty, and the despondent People still do nothing except queue patiently, endlessly.

Nothing has changed......

Next year is election year, the bludgeoning will start soon, deprivation of food aid will commence if not continue in dissident areas, we the subjugated must learn to knuckle down and behave.

Nothing has changed........


Dam levels remain critical despite rains
January 13, 2017 in News

DESPITE the heavy downpours experienced in Zimbabwe since the beginning of the rainy season, particularly the past fortnight, the country's water bodies remain way below expected averages, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has said.
The national average, which is currently standing at 49%, and down by 11%, has been weighed down by the low volumes in some of the large dams like Mazowe, Manjirenji, Mutirikwi, Lower and Upper Ncema as well as Osborne dams, most of which are still less than 30% full.
Zinwa corporate communication and marketing manager Merjorie Munyonga said the recent rains had had a positive effect on dam levels, but the volume was still below the average expected at this time of the year.
'The national dam level average had risen to 49,0%, by January 10, which shows a rapid change since the last recording, though the figure is still below the national average expected during this time of the year. The dam level average is usually around 60% during this period of the year,' she said.
Water Levels Rain Rains Flood Dam

The dams with the lowest volumes are Mazowe 4%, Manjirenji 10,7%, Mutirikwi 7,4%, Lower Ncema 16,7%, Upper Ncema 19,1% and Osborne 28,8%
However, some smaller dams have already filled up after the heavy downpours that has seen authorties issuing flood alerts.
Khami, Nyambuya, Odzani, Wenimbi, Lower Mgusa and Zhove are among those now at full capacity.
The remaining dams are between 50% and 90% full, namely Mtshabezi 50,3%, Bubi Lupane 57,5%, Insunkamini 92%, Chivero 66,2%, Sebakwe 55%, Manyame 80,1%, Mazvikadei 82%, Kushinga Phikelela 90,2% and Rufaro 85,2%.
Munyonga said farmers and other water users should use the resource sparingly and make sure they have signed water agreements.
'The authority also appeals to irrigating farmers and other raw water users to ensure that they enter into water abstraction agreements with Zinwa as is required under the Water Act. Any use without the necessary documentation is illegal and offenders are liable to prosecution or risk having their supplies disconnected,' she said.

Dear Friends

After having witnessed just one too many incidents of elderly people and younger black ladies being given the drills at the current road blocks I feel that we need to assist them to get their cars in line with the SI and given them some confidence that they are in the right. We need to ensure the reflective are right, that the wheels are right, extinguishers serviced and dated etc etc.

I am trying to make arrangements with several firms in harare who are doing this and want to push for it down here. How we will cover the costs - well i suggest we levy a small fee on those that can afford.

I would like to get together a small team to undertake this - possibly the Hillside Scouts, AA, Bulawayo Help network and any other volunteers. i am also going to ask at more senior levels for some ZRP assistance in this. This would be within their charter and a good chance for some proactive policing. We are not going to certify the cars, just doing what we can to make them conform to the law. I suggest a short paper outlining what are NOT offences and where some junior officers are trying their luck should also be given out - cats in baskets going to the vet are not prohibited, reflectives inside the doors are not legally necessary as not in the SI; in a non commercial vehicle mixing goods and passengers is NOT an offence; you don't have to have the third party number plate inside waterproof container INSIDE the motor car (trailer yes),..........

Please note that this is not some political thing, questioning the very SI. Rather it is just an effort to assist others in the community comply as instead of being helped to comply the current effort is simply to punish, intimidate and get money. Policing on some of these road blocks seems to have been replaced by money gathering.

Please can you let me know your thoughts. Who can we ask on the commercial side in Bulawayo as far as the tape, extinguisher refills etc etc I do not expect them to give it for free so let's see what is required and then make a plan.

My idea is that we visit all the homes around town and start on those cars. Then hold a "check your car' day at somewhere with space. i was thinking of approaching Fazaks who have that large space on one side so we are not interfering with their business.

I would like to do this fairly soon so please let me have your thoughts.

many thanks

Rob Burrett