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"Destination Weddings" have become very popular and can indeed be very special.

We have been to a number in the Fairest Cape in all the World, and then last month we went to a Destination Wedding at one of the Seven Wonders of the World - The mighty Victoria Falls.

It was indeed a most spectacular wedding; made all the more magical by its serenity and the relaxed way in which it was conducted.

It was an entire weekend of fun - whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, river cruises, an ethnic dinner at the Boma Restaurant and a magnificent High Tea at the majestic Victoria Falls Hotel.

Two large riverboats took the hundred or so guests to the simple but exquisite ceremony which was held on an island in the middle of the great Zambezi River. An artistically draped cream, shantung gazebo, laden with flowers, made up the altar and the guests were seated on white chairs covered with crisp white cotton, a stark contrast to the dry but breathtaking bushveld surrounding us.

As the ceremony took place, the bridesmaids' dresses took on the crimson of the setting sun, and the lovely words of the wedding vows were echoed in the grunts of the resident hippos and all the while a fish eagle called imperiously overhead.

It was eerie, glorious, momentous all in one and as the photographer snapped away at the happy couple the guests were royally entertained with a river cruise and copious gin and tonics as we drifted languidly on the feisty river.

The reception was held right on the riverbank in a magnificent bedouin-stye tent, tastefully and beautifully decorated by that lady with the greenest fingers in the entire world Lyn Rawlins.

How one can organize a spread of this nature, with the logistics required, was beyond me, there are indeed very special people in Zimbabwe and the Van Jaarsvelts took every single part of that wedding to a truly great and spectacular height.

What an undertaking, what a wedding, and one can only marvel at what the future holds for this amazing couple Julie and Thatmanvan.