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" If one is truly ready within oneself and prepared to commit one's readiness without question.... . one finds life and circumstance surprisingly armed and ready at one's side." Laurens van der Post

Prophetic words indeed and words apt to the situation we found ourselves in throughout 2008 in Zimbabwe. We had no option but to put our shoulder to the wheel and our faith and trust in a Loving God

Edith Duly Nursing Home has not been spared the difficulties of a nation in crisis and there were many times when manage- ment despaired on the way forward. But through the generosity of spirit extended by amazing well-wishers near and far, we made it through and into 2009.

The Board of Trustees, Management, Staff and Residents wish to thank all those who support Morning Mirror - your donations go a long way in assisting us to maintain standards in the Home. May the readers and advertisers be abundantly blessed and we wish you Peace, Joy and Stability in 2009