It has been a sad week for Bulawayo

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The City is fractured, it's just not like our precious City.

Bulawayo normally pulls together through thick and thin, but this week has seen so much bitterness and distress.

Distress is an understatement, Bulawayo looks after it's own, and when a young mother in our community finds herself in a predicament, we all find ourselves in a predicament.

Social media does not help, and unless one finds oneself living under a rock, every tiny piece of sadness, every tiny piece of hurt, every tiny piece of anguish resonates within the community.

The young people who still remain in Zimbabwe are a special breed, tough, resilient, entrepreneurial, delightful. We need them to maintain standards, we need them to keep us oldies together, we need them to give us grandchildren, and to listen to our stories.

When they get hurt, we get hurt, when they need assistance we provide assistance and we react to protect our offspring.

Sadly, as always happens with social media, words have been distorted, sad things and bad things have been said, the fracture might widen even further, knives have been drawn and people have been hurt. We pray that right will prevail, that souls will be soothed, that wrongs will be righted. Our Community needs to stay together in order to go forward in strength.

'Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.'

Sir Garfield Todd's estate donated silverware to Island Hospice & Healthcare. As a way of fundraising Island Hospice and Healthcare is selling the silverware which includes cutlery and assorted odd utensils. Price range from USD$3-USD$35. If interested please contact Island Hospice & Healthcare, Bulawayo Branch on 0292 77972/ 0712845003 or come in and view at 2 George Silundika cnr with Masotsha Ndlovu.

Was born in New Zealand on 13th July 1908
Studied theology
Moved to the then Southern Rhodesia in 1934 as a missionary
He ran Dadaya Mission school where the late President RG Mugabe was a teacher.
With no medical training he set up a clinic and delivered many babies and treated minor injuries.
He joined politics and won an election to the colonial parliament in 1948.
Was Minister of Finance on two occasions
Became Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia (1953-1958)
First Vice President of World Convention of Churches of Christ (1955-1960)
Was a champion for education for Africans-doubled numbers of primary schools also introduced secondary schools and pre-university courses
Legislated for multiracial trade unions
Lost power when his bill to increase the number of African eligible to vote was rejected.
Was placed under arrest twice by the Rhodesian government for speaking against white minority rule.
Received a medal from the Pope for peace and justice in 1973
Appointed to the Senate at Zimbabwean Independence in 1980.
Died in Bulawayo on 13th October 2002