Binga-By-The-Sea we call it

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Kulizwe Lodge, Binga is such a glorious place, nestling lush and green on Lake Kariba after a glorious rainy season. The lake is rising daily, the weather was absolutely perfect. Binga never fails to disappoint one, and fishing rods and cooler box in hand we found to our concern that the boat trailer had a puncture.

Nothing daunted HeeHoo instantly 'made a plan' as we do in Zimbabwe. No we did not phone Ryan at Tristar and ask him to send a mechanic, instead we fathomed that Binga is not without its fair share of skilled technicians and so we visited the 'CBD' where we found the Binga 'Tyre Repair Shop'. Right in the heart of Binga, where the ladies are selling tomatoes and the famous Binga Baskets, amidst the hustle and bustle of the bus terminus, were two men and a portable air compressor and a bucket of water. Admire was built like a sumo wrestler and he had us sorted in no time at all with his brilliant tyre repair machinations!!

Back to the harbour we went happily and although we never managed to get the boat to work, at least we launched it, and spent three contented and companiable days peering hopelessly into the engine compartment.

HeeHoo is a master at many things but draws the line at outboard motors, however he found solace in disappearing down into the engine compartment for hour on end, (phone in one hand talking to Ivor Kesson - Master Boat Builder) and chilled Pilsener in the other hand....

Launching the boat was relatively easy but taking it out of the water was another task entirely as the entire harbour was swamped with tightly packed reeds so there was no room to swing a cat, let alone manoeuvre a giant speed boat onto a trailer.

I was on 'croc watch', oar in hand, balanced precariously on the edge of the boat ramp, while HeeHoo tactically and dextrously took command of the Land Cruiser and tow hitch, while our man Robson using every contortion and pirouette known to man, up to his knees in croc infested waters, while he guided that sleek 20 foot Fibrecraft Eagle onto the trailer.

To console ourselves that we were not going to have Kariba Bream with lemon wedges for dinner, we popped around the bay to visit Cheryl and Wayne Coombes at the famous Rusteak Lakeside Cottages. Now here is tranquillity at its finest, a sundowner view that was exquisite, the cottages are so tasteful and entrancing and the fishing is fabulous!! Not only is Cheryl a most talented artist, and Wayne a most enviable wood craftsman, but they are also hospitable and charming and can pour an excellent G and T!!

Rusteak Lakeside Cottages in beautiful Binga.
The fish are biting and the weather is perfect. Self catering and catered options.
Bookings Cheryl +263 773 281029


Milton Junior school (the boarding house) is looking for a good soul to repair their old furniture. The school is struggling with repairs and get new things for the boys to use. They are looking for the following items:

Good second-hand TV set
mosquito nets
kitchen utensils

The late George Boswell used to help them out a great deal. The contact person is Matron Ndlovu 0773 678 375 or go to the school and see the headmaster Mr Nyoni.