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They say "Cobblers Children are Always The Worst Shod" and there I was with giant patches of black algae on the swimming pool walls!!

Sebastian and I had gone to great lengths to get the PH right, scrubbed the walls, loaded it with expensive fancy name brands algae eliminator, but to no avail, still great black patches on the pool walls.

Then Noel from Acol told me about Hydrogen Peroxide.

HeeHoo just never thought to tell me about Hyprox, which he sells in vast industrial quantities, and hey presto, one giant 20 litre chigub of the magic muti and my great swathes of black algae have disappeared completely!!.

Granted it was in fear and trepidation, the first time I went for a swim, that I would enter the pool a brunette and exit a blond, but all was well!!

But this is a long round about way to get to the point of my epistle. Whilst navigating every shop in Bulawayo looking for any good brand of Algae Kill, I found the Bulawayo CBD to be most interesting. Normally I avoid town at all costs, but when on a mission I am mean!!

I hunted high and low on the way I found some real gems for shopping pleasure, like Fazaks in Woodlands, where they cannot do enough for you and they have every conceivable item under one room.

Then I went to OK Mart, a vast emporium with so many amazing goodies and also a great staff.

My normal haunt for groceries is the brand New Bonsa Spar in Parklands, I love the people there, they are so jolly and helpful and I am totally pampered whilst I am there. The shop has giant aisles, they will even push your trolley for you if you look just slightly fatigued, and their deli section and bakery is fantastic. Solomon's Supermarket is also my shopping place of choice as Hylton has the biggest heart in town and his entire staff is excellent and most helpful.

As far as restaurants go, HeeHoo and I went for a divine curry meal at The Spice Rack last night. It was really delicious and most tasty with enough bite even to make HeeHoo blink twice!! I am a sissy about too-spicy food, and my more moderate heat dishes were excellent.

For breakfast we went to 26 On Park, where I had a substantial brekkie of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and HeeHoo had the Full House which kept him busy for two whole plunger pots of lovely aromatic filter coffee.

The big napkin debate has raged in our family for years now. Is it a "napkin" or a "serviette"? Well according to Mrs Beeton, who is the Etiquette Guru of the Twentieth Century, the nicer word is "napkin", but this could hardly apply to the ghastly paper napkins that ALL of the Bulawayo restaurants provide these days.

How well I remember the days in 2008 when the restaurant used to physically gut the paper napkins in half with a pair of scissors!!

Well they may as well be doing that now judging by the diminutive size of the paper napkins. Surely they can see that people will use two or three or even four of those napkins suitable only for the lap of a Toy Pom!! So they may as well supply us with a decent size one and we will only require one instead of four!!

Now here is a challenge for Bulawayo restaurants and coffee shops!! - What about a nice damask napkin, we have no shortage of manpower here to wash a couple of dozen cloth napkins daily? Economics might even prevail and some bright restaurateur may decide it's cheaper to use the real McCoy after all!!

I am becoming so eccentric in my dotage that I may start carrying around my own large freshly starched napkin in my handbag again as I did in 2008 when a pack of paper napkins cost a trillion dollars !!