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How do you feel today Mr Average Zimbabwean ?

"Do you feel overwhelmed? Exhausted? Directionless? Hopeless? Battle-torn? Worthless? Alone?

These symptoms are what they call The Serious Seven -- the seven most common indicators that you're stuck. If you're feeling one of these emotions, it's likely you are stuck.

One of the most interesting observations gleaned from studying stuck teams is that successful folk are often the ones that get stuck most often.

And ambitious folk get stuck all the time. The difference between failure and breakthrough is perseverance. "

Keith Yamashita says it all .....

Today I felt "unstuck", yesterday I felt "unstuck" and it is all because of the state of our precious country.

The "UNITY DEAL" we have all waited for since the wheels started coming off Zimbabwe in 2000 has had us all breathless, our heads are spinning, some folk are euphoric, some folk are totally skeptical ...... meantime the country spirals into a black hole .....

HeeHoo is our information disseminator, and I value his judgement, his appraisal of the activities and speeches which took place during the signing of the "Unity Deal" leave me feeling overwhelmed .... Exhausted ..... Directionless ..... Hopeless ..... Battle-torn .... Worthless ..... and Alone.

Hence for four weeks now I have not been able to come up with anything remotely entertaining to write about in the Mirror.

Hence I have to try and haul myself out of my own particular "Black Hole" and try again next week.

Maybe it was something that happened in Switzerland last week, the Big Bang maybe kicked a hole in my own particular white cloud ?

"Spend some time each day doing something that truly inspires you" Mother used to say.

I tried the garden route, a trip around my beautiful garden, that normally calms me.

I tried studying the Hammerkops, I think they have a baby Hammerkop and they are teaching him to fly ....

I will keep on trying, any praying, AS SO MANY PEOPLE ARE DOING, and maybe something really nice will happen for Zimbabwe .....