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Reporting from Zimfest 2008
Zimfest is like a big storm. A long slow build-up of much chatter, anticipation and preparation. Until on the day, the thunder of laughter rolls in and like lightening, in a blaze of glory, the day is over far to quickly, ending in a spectacular show. As Oliver Mtukudzi shouted to the crowd 'This is Zimbabwe' we let him know we were there.

I feel refreshed, exhilarated and topped-up - I feel Zimbabwean 100%. My stomach is full of sadza, boerwors, droewors and biltong. My head is full of images - and I only wish I had taken more photo's but I had my hands full! In the hot sun the beer went straight to my head and all sensible conversation left me.

My day is made extra special as I met up with a good friend of mine. We went through Junior and High School together and Ching lived in my neighbourhood. He's excellent company and it just feels comforting to chat about good old Gweru days and catch-up on news of fellow school mates.

And as for the TCB crowd - what a pleasure to meet up with all of you. Some I have met before, some new 'face to face' encounters. A few I did not get the chance to chat to for long, short and sweet meetings but brilliant non the less.

Big up and respect to one luscious lady who managed to bite a few bums and persuade one gorgeous man to drop his pants for a 'naked bite'. Nightape will be proud of you girl. And I have the photographic evidence to prove it. (ZJ - another butt shot coming your way).

My apologies to AS, I just couldn't help myself - having seen your butt on the trophy wall, I just had to handle the goods to test the quality. Girls - it feels better than it looks. AS gives a heavenly hug and is a gentleman through and through. AS thanks for the escort to the loo. I think welding a stick and poking people to move them out the way was effective, but how you didn't get a slap from all those girls you smacked on the bum is beyond me.

It's true - God does look after his own people - and the sun shone hot the whole day. A combination of heat and much drink caused many a man to fall. Much of their drink went to their legs and it was entertaining watching the 'wobbly leg syndrome' amongst the crowd.

The Police had a hard task - stopping people from kissing them and they seemed to spend all their time taking photos and laughing with the crowd. I feel sure they were impressed with how little 'crowd control' they had to do. I was approached by two policemen who asked me if I knew the lad lying passed out on the ground. I explained that it's Zimbabwe tradition to leave all fallen party goers where they dropped. 'If you drop, we don't stop'. I told them not to worry that his friends would come back to get him eventually. We rolled him over to my chair and tucked him into the recovery position and the Police were happy enough with that.

The music line up was excellent. Different music to suit every taste. Oliver Mtukudzi topped off the evening perfectly and the crowd let him know how much they were enjoying themselves. Another music tent at the back of the field played hard core, full on Zimbabwe music all day - so us Msungu's could chuck ourselves around the dance floor acting 'ethnic eksay'.

Enough food stalls to satisfy the hungry crowd. Two beer tents to keep the queue's down selling almost cold lager in a can, much easier to handle than a floppy plastic pint cup.

I met a SA woman and her UK partner. They were entertaining company. We nicked some chairs from the Zimbabwe music tent and placed ourselves in the middle of the field close enough to hear/see the music stage but far enough to continue chatting. It was her first time at Zimfest and she loved it. She was on the phone and calling in her friends and family to join in. Her best comment 'You Zimbabweans know how to party'.

So yeah, 10hrs of full on enjoyment. Well done WeZimbabwe, you did yourselves proud.

To those TCB'ers who could not attend - and to Nightape in particular - I missed you but you were there in spirit. http://theindiatree .com/forum2/

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