Mirror Thank You's To Special People

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On this auspicious Edition 888, I feel I must publicly say thank you to the people who have been so instrumental in keeping Morning Mirror going for the past almost 20 years !!

Week after week so many people have been so patient and long suffering in their efforts to get the Mirror to your screens.

Stephen and Mandy from Netconnect have been wonderful. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for them for as long as the Mirror has been running. and we have had some trying times believe me as there seem to be many aliens wandering around in the Zimbabwe intergalactic cyberspace !!

Gary from Gator, has had a trying year, thanks I am sure to many hassles brought about by the Mirror, but they have been wonderfully supportive and generous with their time. Mlungisi from 'iway africa' found out to his dismay that some women are not really all that computer literate, but he triumphed eventually and the mirror goes out to all his clients in spite of the author !!

Gavin, my brother, who designed, created and spent patient hours running the website each week for the first two years.

Colin, on whose computers we keep the Morning Mirror website up and running 24hours a day.

But the unsung hero of the Mirror is undoubtedly Hylton. Hylton lives in London of all places from whence he guides the Mirror through many many hysterical moments. Quite the most amazing person I have ever met !

Hylton manages the morning mirror web-site, despatches to thousands of subscribers, deals with a multitude of queries, sorts out all of my messes and quietly and calmly keeps the whole newsletter running in the most incredibly orderly, amazing and cheery manner.

I am sure it must cost him a fortune, not only in his own valuable time but in all sorts of computer related areas like internet cafe costs and all the peripheral jazz associated with the worldwide web.

From all of us in Zimbabwe Hylton, who is an ex Zimbabwean, thank you so much for all that you do for us back home.

The Mirror advertising is run purely on trust and most advertisers have been really good about paying for their adverts, thank you for that. The Mirror has made quite a few Zimbabwe dollars for the Edith Duly Nursing Home and for various projects to assist Bulawayo's pensioners in these difficult times.

I must also thank the Edith Duly, Acol Chemical and Softrite Staff, who have spent hours and hours accepting the cash for the adverts and keeping the accounts and the books up to date.

But it would all not be possible at all without HeeHoo.

HeeHoo has the main burden of the entire project, for apart from having to put up with the Mirror's Editor, he pays the bills, and believe me, having to keep the Mirror running each week, downloading hundreds of hours of e mails, paying for all the software the hardware the knitwear and the whatever that one needs to undertake a marathon newsletter of this magnitude, is no mean feat.

All I can say is that you my beloved HeeHoo is that you are the longest suffering dearest husband in the entire world and I thank you with all my heart.


Wonder Mpofu if an expert rose pruner. Courteous and affordable and excellent a his profession.

It's that time again we do our lovely gardens of roses. For those interested in my services of pruning roses they contact me on.

Edith Duly Nursing Home Is struggling to obtain wood for their ancient but delightful old wood stove. Are there any samaritans in Bulawayo who could help them out

Ask for Precious or Leila or one of the matrons.

Herewith our contact numbers
Home - 09 205769
Office - 09 205825 mornings only

Thank you so much to the always generous Bulawayo Community.

Thank you Annetta Holmes from SA for donation in cash.