A VALENTINE DAY GIGGLE          - 15/ 2/ 2005      <--Prev : Next-->

I sent Heehoo a Valentines card this year, written in pencil, so I can use it again next year !! After all it cost me ten thousand dollars for goodness sake !!
Like most men, Heehoo has never been the most romantic fellow !! In fact I think he is even Romantically Challenged !! Romantically Dysfunctional to put it in politically correct terms.... He could be called a "Netaholic" rather than a Romantic I suppose !! And I am sure he did not even notice his card and envelope were written in pencil !!

But I love him dearly just the same. Regardless of what a romantic is, we know that Valentine's Day celebrates the tradition of Love. Find your own unique way to show it! What works for one may not work for another. How about sending your very own Heehoo this tender love poem.....

A Plain Old Kiss
Some people need a peck or two;
For others a simple smooch will do;
Too many, a graze will stimulate;
A few may want to osculate.
And then, there are those who need a smack;
For flowery words they have a knack.
But all I want from you is bliss,
Which you can give me with a plain, old kiss!
Or if that is too long how about this one?
"What inspired this amorous rhyme?
Two parts vodka, one part lime."
And if you wish to know what "osculate" means !! Look in the dictionary, after all, I had to !!