ADDICTED TO E-MAIL          - 7/ 2/ 2005      <--Prev : Next-->

I love email in fact I am addicted to e mail.

Yes I realise it has eliminated the need for exercise (How many times have I sent Heehoo an email when he is sitting in the study right next door instead of walking over and chatting ?) But it makes communication simpler and more fun. I just love decoding messages like "do u hve time 4 mtg 2morrow@3 ?"

However, I love my own e mail but hate Heehoo' s e mail addiction. As much as I love receiving banal and ridiculous jokes, sermons, pictorial weepers and garbage from my friends, I hate the never ending flow of information that keeps Heehoo glued to his computer till all hours of the night....even when we are supposedly on holiday !!

But the thought of being able to communicate anywhere anytime, regardless of the time zones, is happiness personified.

Now in days gone by, letter writing was a punishment to me. I would collect beautiful pads of paper with an ENORMOUS picture that was deliberately spread all over the page, which would necessitate only the smallest obligatory wordage possible !!

"Dear Aunty Poppy, (written in my best, most ostentatious, boldest calligraphy style with the biggest possible nib) Thank you for the beautiful purple art deco vase. I just love it, Your loving niece Maggie" was all that was necessary because the picture took up the rest of the page !!

But now, I cannot stop writing to people, in fact, some folk despair when they receive an e mail from me because they feel obliged to write back. Some folk I suspect even pretend that my e mail never arrived to alleviate the necessity of a return reply !!

But hey, who cares, even if I don't get a reply, I just write another letter to which I do not expect (nay deserve) a reply !!

It is just so darned easy, one letter to twenty relatives !! Just change the top and the bottom bits and pieces, add a few personalised inanities, and hey presto, you have contacted the whole family without a problem. SOOO EASY !!!

I just love it !!