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An advert in the Marie Claire magazine caught my eye recently.

'Insure your handbag for R4000' it said !! Now how insulting is that to a girl, whose handbag is her very means of survival My handbag and its wicked variety of contents is certainly worth a whole lot more than that!!

Handbags are after all an extension of one's personality....

My blessed Mum belonged to the 'good old days' where one did not have more than one handbag for years and years and years. She was not part of the 'throwaway' fraternity. Hers was an ancient old soft black leather bag that sat firmly in between the bucket seats of our old Morry, perched on top of the handbrake! She could scrabble in her handbag and find anything purely by feel, as she drove down Selborne Avenue to take Gavin and me to school!

Now I must admit I have had more than one handbag in my life, but I am indeed a handbag 'Loyalist', I know the exact bag that I need, the precise specifications must be adhered to before I purchase a new handbag, and that's only after the existing one needs to go to that place in the sky 'where old precious handbags go to die' !!

Now different gals like different handbags. She Hoo Must Wear Kevlar needs a very capacious strong bag. After all a girl needs somewhere to carry her flack jacket!!

She Who must run needs room for running shoes in her bag!!

Over the years, the Girls have given HeeHoo a variety of 'Man Bags' in an effort to guide him into the modern world of men, and I confess, he loyally tries to carry them. However exactly two weeks after Christmas or his birthday the novelty wears off and he always resorts to handing his keys, his wallet and his cell phone over to me, to weigh down my already over-burdened bag.

Now this is a wife's duty, we all know that, but I feel I must object strongly when he dares to refer to my bag as 'The Black Hole' !!

My handbag has always been the subject of ridicule, because of it's very capaciousness. But the contents therein have saved the day on more than one occasion. I have even managed to smuggle a lighter and a pen knife (disguised as a key) from the airline X ray machines, for many happy years now. The lighter was once the sole means of light by which we changed a tyre on our car! My 'Black Hole' is certainly not as bad as some folks' handbags I can assure you, but it is so heavy it has given me permanent hollows in my shoulder blades....however, it's not diamonds, but handbags, that are a Girl's Best Friend!!