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The media over the past few weeks in many parts of the world, has been totally obsessed with wealthy playgirl Paris Hilton and her impending jail sentence.... "poor little Rich Girl".... Such nightmares await her in her 45 day (now reduced to 20 odd days) confinement away from the Highlife...

Photographs of her impending jail cell show a neat, pristine, although small space with a double bunk bed sporting a substantial padded mattress, air conditioning and a sparkling clean toilet.

Poor Paris will however not be allowed to wear makeup ...horrors of all horrors.... no hair extensions are allowed...ghastly thought .. She will be in an orange jump-suit and her cell phone, her crystal-encrusted trademark, will be banned as well. But not being able to text and talk with her celebrity friends will be the least of Hilton's worries.

"She's going to be assigned a two-person cell, Hilton, like all inmates, would be confined to her quarters 23 hours a day. She will be allowed out of her cell once a day for an hour to shower, stretch her legs, use the telephone or watch television in a jail-house day room according to reports.

Hilton's cellmate, if she gets one, will be another individual serving time for a serious driving infraction or other non-violent offence.

Paris will get three meals a day, all taken in her cell, but like the jail's furnishings, nothing fancy - cereal or yoghurt with fruit for breakfast, a sandwich or hamburger for lunch, and a hot meal such as chicken for dinner!

The jail's schedule also will make it hard for Hilton to keep the late hours she is accustomed to. Breakfast is served between 6am and 7.30am, and lights are turned out at 10pm. Hilton landed in hot water for driving her car without a valid license earlier this year while on probation for an alcohol-related reckless driving offence. County officials stressed that Paris Hilton will be equipped with protection when she enters jail. The hotel heiress will be provided a panic button to alert jail guards if she feels threatened by her fellow prison inmates.

Most educated people are just shaking their heads at all the hype, she did after all break the law, and that's what counts in civilised countries.

We Women of Zimbabwe are shaking our heads in disgust at what the poor lass has ahead of her, someone should come to Zimbabwe and interview one of our Gallant Woza women and ask them what life in a Zimbabwe jail entails.

Jeni, Magodonga, Abigail and hundreds of our brave WOZA women have spent countless days and nights in jails ... and for reasons totally different to those of Miss Hilton. Dare to stage a peaceful Valentines day march, handing out roses and kind words. Dare to sit peacefully in front of an office protesting quietly and without any violence, praying against horrifying human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

Show one inch of spunk and the Zimbabwe Government gets into a panic, sends in its police and riot troops, and our women, babies, mothers and grandmothers are badly beaten and thrown into jail without any recourse to legal representation, without food and water and without doubt into the filthiest jail conditions the world over. I quote a reporter from the London Times who dared to fall foul of the authorities.

" After five days in a concrete and iron-bar tank, with no food and only a few sips of water, my skin was flaking and my clothes were slipping off. A prison blanket had given me lice. The water I had palmed from a rusty tap in the shower had given me diarrhoea. Under a 24-hour strip light, I hadn't slept more than a few minutes at a time. And I stank. So many men had passed through Cell 6 that they had left their smell on the walls, and while I was making my own stink, the walls were also passing theirs onto me."

The journalist was one of the lucky Zimbabwean prisoners, he had a cell to himself, most Zimbabwean detainees are not so lucky. They are usually crowded into cells where there is standing room only, where if one needs to lie down the rest must stand. Where the latrine is overflowing onto the floor ....... where there are no blankets, where there is no food, edible or inedible.

Its June in Zimbabwe and our temperatures can get below freezing at night .... but then i suppose when there are forty of you in a cell meant for two, cold is not an issue !

Sadly the world has its priorities all wrong.......