Obsessive Compulsive

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After forty years of marriage I am used to living in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 at night!! HeeHoo is not called the Gadget King for nothing!!

Our bedroom is lit up like Times Square, with glowing objects flickering and flashing in each corner, but quietly and steadfastly and secretly, I have eliminated them one by one, a bit of masking tape here, a furniture floor-protection dot there!!

Then there came the Apple iwatch!!!!! Its one gadget thats not too offensive unless one wears it to bed, wherein it emanates a glare that could serve as an aircraft runway. For some unknown reason HeeHoo wore his to bed last night. I woke up to this bright light staring at me mockingly two inches from my nose....Now my eyelids must be thinner than HeeHoos as his gentle snoring never wavered...

Instead of mighty elbow in the ribs, (I respect he is not a good sleeper) I delicately but unsuccessfully tried to tap the said watch into submission. I then tried unsuccessfully to find a knob to press, push or subjugate....

Then in total desperation I remembered the bandaids in my bedside drawer, nothing like the good old McGiver iwatch Band Aid trick at 2.00 am!! It took two stealthy strips but failed, as HeeHoo decided I was a mosquito in his sleep and swatted me...

I tried to see what was on the watch face but it was a conglomeration of Blood Pressure icon, Stocks and shares icon, the weather app and of course the time, glaring at me triumphantly.

Two hours into my quest I gave up and thought longingly of the spare room but was too lazy to move.

Apple's greatest invention is the app where you can 'sleep' your media appliances, ask them not to make a squeak, beep or show a light during the night, I shall have to write to them about the iwatch today and claim extreme duress benefits!!!


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