ZIMBABWE'S BEST EXPORT          - 15/4/2009      <--Prev : Next-->

HeeHoo and I had occasion to attend a delightful wedding in Reading this last weekend, a fine Zimbabwean export Doug MCDermott married a beautiful English rose called Kirsty Norman.

There were so many of our young Zimbabweans there, my eyes were not dry the whole day as I spent many happy hours conversing with and enjoying wonderful young adults, whom we have known since babyhood, all Zimbabwe born and bred, all talented, successful, beautifully mannered, all with excellent jobs and prospects and all well settled in the UK.

Beautiful Mother of the BrideGroom, Jane and I decided proudly that these young people, are Zimbabwe's finest exports.

It brought us great grief and sadness though, as much as pride, because they should all still be in Zimbabwe, we should have kept their skills, their fine morals, their excellent brains, their fine breeding and their brilliant secondary and tertiary schooling skills.

Why should England Ireland Scotland and Wales benefit from our home produce ? Why can they not have stayed and put back into the country what the country gave to them, an excellent healthy up-bringing, fine manners, bright young minds? We so need these skills back in Zimbabwe right now.

There were babies too, quite a few of them .... and the good thing was that without exception, these young people wanted to bring their children back to grow up in Zim. To experience the fine schooling system, the tennis, hockey, rugby and cricket that they too had thrived on.

The healthy outdoor lives of fishing, hunting, swimming, we have no arcades, we have no shopping centres, we just have sun and fresh air and caring people who know right from wrong and who wish to bring their kids up the way kids have always been brought up - the Great Zimbabwean way.