LETS GET THE WHEELS OF LOCAL INDUSTRY ROLLING AGAIN !          - 7/4/2009      <--Prev : Next-->

Do you remember whay back when, there was an advertising campaign to buy local goods - was it "Buy Rhodesian" ?

We then desperately needed to get our economy back on track in the sixties and seventies ?
We forsook Kellogs Cornflakes to eat the perfectly acceptable Willards Cornflakes. We forsook nice soft loo paper to use the more economical but abrasive re-cycled loo paper. We gave up Marmite and Bovril (they never found a local equivalent of that ! We started to eat Cashel Valley jams and tinned fruit instead of Koo and Robertsons.

Nothing was imported except by the Hardy Sanctions Busters !! We grew our own, canned our own, made our own. The first matches were a joke, but they got the hang of them. The candles were strange but we got used to them, in fact you get used to everything after a while and now we love our local products.

Who needed Nescafe when there was Mr Dickins and Ellis Brown ? Who needed English Breakfast tea when there was Tanganda. Who needed Roses Lime Juice when there was Mazoe ?

Sadly now all of those precious familiar goods have all but disappeared off the shelves, but we have it on good authority that they WILL COME BACK - and at a lower price than the imported equivalent.

But its up to us to make it work, we must no longer buy OMO - we must look or the local Lever Brothers or Stanchem products -

like good old Surf - who cares what the packaging looks like, it will improve when business improves.

And besides 'THINK GREEN" all that fancy silver packaging with twenty seven colours is false economy and is destroying the

eco system !!

Go to Solomons and buy some of the Stanchem washing powder, the packaging is interesting but its cheaper and works just as well.

Give up that Revlon and that Max Factor, lets keep the local wheels of industry turning for goodness sake. Support people who have made a stand here and who are prepared to continue to make a stand. Buy the excellent Kigelia beauty products. They have a brand new beautiful look and are now obtainable in abundance once again at Eley Education. The Teasdale Family has been here in Zimbabwe forever and before they export their entire range, get your share of the action !!

Phone Marike on 66703 or e mail her on eley@yoafrica. com and find out more about this superb natural, locally grown, locally manufactured, skin care range.

Don't have your car serviced down south any more on your next holiday. Give the local auto people a chance. I had my precious Taurus sorted out at Dulys and I was so impressed. They could not do enough for me. They fixed the car most professionally , even found my wheel spanner that had disappeared some years ago under a seat , and called for an after sales service confirmation chat !!

I feel so guilty now when I buy goods outside of Zim or by imported goods, knowing that every purchase I make is probably doing some poor fellow out of a job !! OK I admit, I have not made a foray into a local dress shop for many years now, but when I was a "famous" TV personality Truworths and Edgars would lend me numerous outfits and I will always be grateful for that.

So Zimbabweans BUY ZIMBABWEAN !! Lets make our industry work again, lets get those factories open, those thousands of people employed again. Lets get the dollars pouring into the country instead of pouring out of the country.

I remember the slogan now ' LET US GO FORWARD TOGETHER " !!!!!