Back to School!

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Sending one's first Grandchild to first day at Kindergarten was full of emotion, almost as poignant as sending one's own children to school...

Gary went to REPS which was very hard on his mother as she overlooked the fabled forays into the Matopos, and instead all she could think of was that her Wee First Born was destined to five years of ice cold showers! (I wonder if they have hot water in the REPS hostels yet )

Second child Joanne was just 'up the road' at Kumalo School for primary school, a fine institution where Frik De Beer was her Headmaster.

Third Girl Child's first day at Hebrew English Nursery School was a milestone, and when Dad went to collect her, he fell from Grace horribly!! There, right at the front door, was a Lyons Maid Ice Lolly Man grinning from ear to ear. All the Little Darlings were being treated to a 'First Day at School' ice cream, but par for the course, Daddy had not a single penny in his pocket...
The Ice Cream Vendor refused to accept a credit card, and Daddy had to beguile one of the many 'Yummy Mummies' to lend him a couple of bob!!

Hebrew English Nursery School was special, devoted staff, small and intimate and the school celebrated the charismatic Jewish traditions like Shabat on Fridays where the Dads would all sit on tiny chairs and wear Yamulkekes.

My Wee Grandchild is attending a fabulous school in Stockholm and Day One was indeed tearful, not for the Wee Boy, but for Mom and Nana!! Just on five years old, and left in the heart of one of the most beautiful citys in the world!! A far cry from the valiant little pre school in Addis Ababa!!

It's a long day for a five year old, 8.30 am until 3.20 pm, but he arrived home full of the joys of spring and utterly exhausted. His Paw Patrol back-pack was almost bigger than him, snack box, pencil case, sports wear and indoor shoes making up the bulk of the items.

My snack boxes were legendary at Kumalo and Whitestone schools, but the Swedes are renowned for their healthy eating so out with the crisps, korn curls, candy, fruit juices and absolutely no peanut products!! Instead we had liver sausage sambos, strawberries, banana, blueberries, carrot sticks and apple!!

The school has a canteen for the main meal where fresh fish, salmon and vegetables are staple foods!

The day I dread the most however is when the school bus comes to the house to collect him, now that will indeed be a 'kleenex' moment!!


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Simz Masuku & Reilo Viekk

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