Waxing And Waning

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I am not a litigious person but what would you do if your husband refused to wax your chin

When SheeHoo was here she was always obliging in this respect, she even left her Mandy's Hot wax for me to use....however have you ever tried to wax your own chin

Trust me it takes and enormous amount of guts, grit and valour. Sadly I was shortchanged in this department and have a lot more of the cowardly, craven and cringing qualities than I would like.

Yes I know women are stronger than men, after all we have childbirth to contend with, but have you ever seen a video of a mere male having his legs waxed
Even those incredible athletes in the Tour De France, who ride 2000 miles uphill for twenty one days, are timorous when it comes to having their legs waxed!! I have never understood why cyclists have their legs waxed have you Is it because it makes them lighter and more aerodynamic Or is it because if they apply a band aid to their booboos, when they fall off, its not so painful when its removed

All TIC I promise, I have the utmost respect for these astounding men!!

Anyhow back to the wax...its bad enough when a beautician rips hot wax off your chin, but when you have to rip it off yourself it takes sheer spunk and mettle granted to only a few. Childbirth fades into insignificance!!

The beauticians in my area will happily wax all parts of one's body, except the chin and top lip!! Understandably as one would need to remove ones all encompassing mask !! And so to the microwave I go, Mandy's Hot Wax container in one hand and my personal body jelly quivering in the other!!

Gathering my vestiges of courage, after three minutes of hot wax combustion, I find the mirror in the dining room, dip the wooden spatula in the wax and immediately regret not putting my hair in a pony tail as wax drips from my blond fronds!!

HeeHoo chortles with glee as he finds me garnering the remnants of my backbone to rip the hot wax off my face!!

And all is history...back to the tweezers it is!!


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