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There we were, two ladies of stature in the community, running hell-for-leather down a suburban road with three enormous hounds in hot pursuit!!

I say 'ladies of stature' because we are just that - ladies of wide stature, fairly athletic, and of good stature in the community.

So passers by would have been aghast to see us stopping a truck in mid-road, and climbing on board with unladylike haste, with three giant "Baskerville Specials" snapping at our very heels.

I hesitate to say we "leapt" on the back of the truck, although the taller of us, the Mayoress of Park Road, did indeed leap.

Her "fright and flight" mechanism still works. But Yours Truly's mechanisms of all sorts failed to work at a most crucial time.

It could possibly have been an overindulgence of "Jive" at Wavill's birthday party, when old war injuries to knees came back with a vengeance !!!

Anyhow The Mayoress of Park road was seen to leap into the back of a two toner, whilst the Mayoress of Pauling Road, was hauled in unceremoniously but safe from the snapping maws and jaws of the pack!!

It was a bad week all round, to calm my nerves I went for a facial and the sweet lady beautician, instead of shaping my eyebrows with wax, removed them completely, so I look indeed as though I have been in a close encounter of a third kind, and not just with the Suburbs Wolf Pack !!

Aah nothing that an Easter Egg and a Hot Cross Bun will not solve surely?