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This past weekend saw the Bulawayo reunion wherein five hundred locals and imports from all over the globe, gathered to be together.

If one was born in Bulawayo in the forties, fifties or sixties, one was welcome to join the weekend long festivities. Functions included a steam train trip, a picnic at the Hillside Dams, a visit to the Matopos with a breakfast at the Farmhouse and day trips to Hwange and the Chobe Game Reserves.

Of course the culmination was a giant Saturday night bash at Old Miltonians Club in Bulawayo where the Old Club did us proud.

To quote Dianne Featherstone' one of the teriffic organizers

'Wow! Wow!Wow! Is all I can say, what an amazing party! Old Miltonians and the Bulawayo committee did us beyond proud. The air was electric with hype and excitement.The tents and band stand looked amazing and the food stalls from around the world were absolutely awesome. One could indulge in curry and rice, American Hotdogs, or sadza and relish amongst other culinary delights. There were shooter bars and Wine bars, it was pure magic.

The band 'Forty Something' played and I can honestly recommend them what a huge sound and stunning music. Martin Patrick played during breaks and a few locals joined him from time to time. We danced all night and the party ended at 4 am. Needless to say there are many dead men walking today! Today s lunch at Matopos was just perfect under the koppies and under the indigenous trees by the pool about 50 of us sat and reminisced .....Travis Sletcher entertaining the men with all the old stories ....lots of raw us laughter! Thank you Bulawayo and all of the above for making it the mother Of All Parties!'

The band The 'Forty Something' was a misnomer as Jock, Rudi, Frank, Jimmy and Tookie are mostly a tad over forty!! but they were absolutely excellent and had the dance floor pumping with the many folk who gathered from far and wide to reunite with their school friends from many years past.

Many old schools were visited, many of Bulawayo's still scenic attractions were ogled at including the famous Eskimo Hut which sadly finally closed its doors on Sunday 4 May 2014. The next excitement was the steam train ride to the Victoria Falls and again I quote Dianne Featherstone.

Arrived at the Falls after an awesome train ride ... Just so many memories , smells and sites which are imprinted in our brain . The chirping and crying with laughter is never ending day today and guess where the first stop is ? Yes we around the beautiful outdoor pub and The Kingdom .... Hot and just so special! Hope all my pics are going through , I've sent many ! Were having a G&T to absent friends to you all

Congratulations must go to the Dianne and the Mommsens who have organised similar reunions in Durban, Joburg and Cape Town over the years, and hopefully those Bulawayo folk who were born in the seventies, and eighties will take up the cudgel and continue this wonderful tradition.

I still have to confirm if anyone did undertake a compulsory dive into the fountain at the Bulawayo Centenary Park?