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Neil Leslie Diamond is indeed his real name. Other names such as Eice Cherry and Noah Kaminsky were considered as stage names but Neil Diamond kept his own name.

Neil is currently divorced, he has been married twice before, to first to Jaye Posner, then to Marcia Murphey. Neil has four children: two daughters Marjorie and Elyn, and two sons Jesse and Micah but his private life has been kept a relatively closely guarded secret unlike other stars, At 69, Neil has the energy of a twenty one year old, he kept us entertained at the fabulous FNB Calabash Stadium for two non stop hours of glorious music.

The sound was fantastic, the atmosphere excellent, and Neil Diamond kept 56 thousand people totally absorbed as he sang those songs we wrinklys all remember like Sweet Caroline, Soolaimon, Its A Beautiful Noise and Crackling Rosie. And it wasn't only us Baby Boomers who were there in our hordes, there were plenty of youngsters to bring the average age down a couple of years.

Unlike the U2 concert earlier in the year, the stadium had copious quantities of food and drink available at interesting prices, and it shows that SA can now easily cope with major musical extravaganzas very well indeed.

Getting home on the buses to the park and ride areas were laborious but not as bad as during the world cup, it was a real treat to be in this fabulously South African stadium to watch one of the great stars of our time.