2009 - GOLDEN JUBILEE OF Z.I.T.F.          - 21/4/2009      <--Prev : Next-->

2009 sees the Golden Jubilee of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

50 years on !! it is indeed an historic occasion when we proudly look back on 50 years of exuberance and unparalleled dedication to trade promotion and to excellence in exhibitions.

ZITF 2009 scheduled for 28 April to 2 May will be the 50th consecutive Trade Fair to be held in the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre. In May 1960 the first 'Central Africa Trade Fair' was launched in this site that has been used as a venue for trade and/or agricultural shows since 1899. ZITF 2009 will therefore be a beacon of achievement.

Names for old come flooding back to mind - two true gentlemen -Senator Sam Whaley and Clifford Dupont, the one and only Tony Ellman Brown, the indomitable Zoe Shearer.

Then there was that great team Tiny Rolfe and Lorna Watson, the the two ladies who looked after the Socialites - Marion Trotter and Annette Pitchford.

And of course who could forget Graham Rowe? Still holding the fort at ZITF after man many tears are dynamic International Relations Manager Rosemarie Harrison and that most charming of men - Daniel Chigaru.

Good luck indeed to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair 2009 Golden Jubilee, a special fair for a special country poised on a knife edge for really great things.