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Sitting at my desk doing the most bittersweet part of 'decluttering'! Throwing away old faded photographs!!

It's taking absolutely ages as I have had to look at each one carefully (seven decades worth) !! Those that I need to keep are photographed on my phone and carefully stored away electronically. Of course every second one has bought about wonderful memories and I had to send a copy to friends and relatives worldwide!!

I got a lot of excited comments as decades old photos emerged and of course, as dear as they were to me, no-one likes what they look alike thirty odd years ago!!

The dogs and cats we had! The boat trips and picnics, the overseas trips, the weddings and birthdays. We did not take photos as excessively as one does nowadays, as printing was expensive and of course many have sadly faded over the years. We even have some black and white prints!!

Goodness me, my moods ranged from jubilant to maudlin, but what a wonderful exercise. Of course it's all under the guise of 'Decluttering' which is a valuable exercise when one has literally hundreds of blurred photos of elephants!!

The exercise will continue for weeks I am sure but I realised that not every beautiful scenario really needs one to leap for one's camera.

During my ill disciplined endeavours, a group of Arrow Marked Babblers arrived outside the window, to undertake their daily bath!! Normally I would have rushed for my phone to create a 'photo op' which would probably have resulted in scaring them away, but I sat still and observed tranquilly.
Eight of them descended on the birdbath and a very noisy but fairly orderly bath routine was undertaken.

Everyone was given a turn to splash in the water, hop out and have a wonderful shake, and then come back for round two. When wet they looked like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, but once dry and glistening, they were pristine and glorious, having virtually emptied the birdbath!!

Not captured on celluloid but undoubtedly a part of nature that will have a memorable impact on my de-cluttering day.