Dotage Dressing

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Winter has arrived early in Bulawayo!

An unheralded January cold spell had us all rushing for our winter woolies, but It's tough changing seasons in Zimbabwe......

HeeHoo was in a hurry to get to his breakfast at Deja Vu so I rummaged through my beautifully kept sweater shelf (thanks to our amazing housekeeper Betty) and found my favourite burgundy jumper, aah bliss, not worn since our sojourn in Sweden.

Throwing it over my head I examined myself admiringly in the mirror, (having lost 200 grams on the latest diet!!) Only to find, horrors, a gaping great silverfish or possibly moth hole directly in the centre of my chest!! Knowing I would see half of Bulawayo at Deja Vu on a Saturday morning, there was no way I could venture out in this state of moth- fish disarray!!

I could hear HeeHoo champing at the bit, so I rushed for the sewing cabinet and frantically scrabbled for a spool of burgundy thread. Nothing in the correct shade caught my eye but I grabbed a motley brown thread and then fossicked frantically for a needle with a large eye!! It is horribly hard to thread a sewing needle in one's dotage, so after a couple of blind lunges at the needle, I abandoned that idea and rushed hastily for the scarf drawer. When one has spent a lot of time in Sweden, one accumulates a lot of scarves!!

I could almost feel HeeHoo's wrath emanating down the corridor but finally, with a rather tasteful scarf knotted fashionably around my neck to cover the offending silver fish/moth hole, I rushed, panic stricken, to the kitchen to add 'mothballs' to the shopping list.

Somewhat frazzled by now I tiptoed to the front door expecting to find a very twitchy spouse....

Fortunately HeeHoo is a patient man, very used to waiting for the female members of his family. He had obviously abandoned the idea of breakfast at Deja Vu and was happily sitting in front of the telly watching the tennis!!