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We were invited to dine at Bulawayo's first Pop Up Restaurant on Friday night.
Temporary eateries set in intriguing places offer the best new way to eat and that's exactly what a Pop Up Restaurant is!!

Pop-up restaurants are mini-restaurants that temporarily operate in parks, plazas, galleries, warehouses, event centers and larger restaurants. Pop-up restaurateurs and their followers use blogs, Twitter and other social networks to inform people about the pop-ups. Some announce dining events just hours before they take place, and they often sell out.

Like food trucks, pop-up restaurants allow restaurateurs and chefs to hone their skills or test new food ideas. The concepts particularly appeal to new chefs or operators because they can take advantage of underused spaces and kitchens to introduce concepts without great expense.
Many pop-ups begin as ways to offer food and flavors unavailable in a locality. As they attract devoted fans, they create 'underground' dining communities.
Well we went 'underground' at a beautiful stable yard close to the city centre, and had an absolute ball.

Whatever Claire turns her hand to is a success, this lady has the most unbelievable energy and zest for life!!

With the sun setting in the west and a full moon rising in the east, we were treated to natural marvels as decor, for this Pop Up Restaurant, plus lush green grass, horses grazing contentedly a stones throw away, birds entertaining us in wonderful chorus, and then the beautiful voice of Ann Wawn took over and the Drums of Peace played solidly and rhythmically in the background.

Champers and snacks were served as the guests arrived, and then, when delicious prawns, baby potatoes and excellent salads were served, we were liberally feted with fine wines.

The weather was absolutely perfect, as it can only be on a Bulawayo April evening, and we tottered home much later, hoping that we might be invited to the next Pop Up Restaurant hosted by a most enterprising couple in the City of Kings!!

Bulawayo watchdog.

Gotta love the folk at Bulawayo Seed Centre ! Fife Street and 10th Ave.
They are just lovely and they know their stuff!!

Gotta love the guys at Ekhaya Cycles also in Fife Street, 13th Ave, in the old Trade Power Building
- they sure how to service a bicycle beautifully - fast, efficient, friendly!!