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I have waited long enough to be the "Mother of the Bride".

I have had my outfit planned for twenty years now!! And at long last there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My precious Josie is to be married next year.

No one knows more about weddings than I do, I have practiced, preened and prophesied this day in my mind constantly since the oldest girl child left school!!

I can recite the Wedding Ettiquette book verbatim, from A to Z!! I have collected wedding invites, photos of floral table settings, bouquets and ideas from every wedding we have attended since university days......

Most importantly I have been keeping the garden lawn the ideal shape and size for the biggest size Iversens marquee!!

My hopes were dashed however when my beautiful little bride-to-be told me she was to be married in Perth and not in Bulawayo where the lawn has been maintained lovingly for all these years !!

Here on this lawn HeeHoo and I were married a hundred years ago. All major family functions have been held on this same gracious green lawn. Office parties, first birthday parties, twenty-firsts, thirtieths, fortieths, fiftieths. Christmas parties, fashion shows, fund raising events, you name it, this lawn has seen more than its fair share of fun and festivities.

Oh well, we shall have to wait for SheHooMustWearKevlar to be married on this hallowed lawn one fine day I guess.

But we had such fun shopping in Oz for the most beautiful "Princess Bride" dress you will ever see. It was easy, it was the very first dress SheeHooMustRun put on her perfect tiny little frame, and she looked divine, but we still had to make sure........

The Perth bridal shops never knew what hit them. They were quite used to Bridezillas of all shapes and sizes, but they did not reckon on encountering a M.O.B. from Bulawayo aka "Godzilla the Granny" !!

Watch this space for the wedding of the year to be immortalized in words as only Godzilla the Granny know how......