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Last Friday was obviously schools cross country day in Bulawayo. It was such a joy to see fine, fit, happy, young people running around the neighborhoods. We have a lot of schools in our suburb and school children abound. More often than not many are walking home dejectedly because their school fees had not been paid, but Friday was different.

Mind you, not all of them looked happy ! The lithe, lean ones at the front looked happy, but the "also-rans' bringing up the rear, looked really hot and bothered. Cross Country is generally obligatory at high schools and it ranked bottom in my favorite pastime when I was at school.

Milton Senior students were the most polished. Their youngsters had a really great sports kit, and they had senior students as marshals manning the route with signs and bottled water !!

They even had a sweeper bus picking up the casualties and replacing water at water points !!

From something positive to something negative. I am definitely going to ask HeeHoo to buy me a Hummer as my next car!! This will be my car of preference in the rainy season, as I will not only be able to see the potholes, I will be able to straddle them too!

The potholes are legendary this rainy season as our storms have been fierce. My little car is a low-slung, sleek, sporty one, with itty-bitty wheels. It's ideal for dashing around in the dry season, but not so good in the wet weather. I am too low to spot the potholes, my tyres are torn to ribbons by the pothole rims, and I am in an especially bad position for seeing over the ten-foot grass verges on the roadside........

The City Council I know is working furiously to try and rectify the situation but they are fighting a losing battle, and one can only praise those enterprising and erstwhile fellas who are trying to earn a couple of bob by filling the potholes with sand.

However, do they know just how dangerous this particular little enterprise is I wonder? I am always amazed at how many little entrepreneurial businesses there are in Bulawayo. I saw a man fixing bicycles on the Hillside Road under a tree and people were queuing for his expertise!!

Back to the positives, you have to hand it to the mobile phone companies, they had a five dollar top up card and now they have a one dollar top up card !! It shows just how ghastly the economy is becoming.

It's almost like feeding a dope addict, feeding the populations need for cell phone, internet and facebook communication is it not? I know, because I too am an internet addict .....