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The best thing about living in Bulawayo is that we can withdraw into the Matopos Hills to lick our wounds. Those great grey granite kopjes have an amazing cathartic effect on one's soul.

Our little country has been dealt another blow but human nature fortunately is such that we have learnt meekly to pick up the pieces and "make another plan " And we must pause here to praise our own quiet unsung heroes.

Every country has or has had its heros. Some have been greater than others, a hero is defined as "a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities or one that shows great courage "and throughout history there have been remarkable heros some who have suffered horribly to uphold their ideals and their standard of perfection, beauty, or excellence. We admire and envy anyone who is passionate about his ideals. Where would we be in the world if people through the ages had not striven to achieve their ideals.

Zimbabwe has had its fair share of heros of all colours, races and creeds.

Ever since man inhabited this precious country, people have fought for what they believe in. Not all of us have fought for the same thing, what is an ideal to one person may not necessarily be important to another.

But the main thing is, that you care enough to fight for what you believe in. "Courage is not the freedom from fear, Courage is deeper. It requires the person to be afraid, yet still continue,. One has to be part coward to possess courage. We need to embrace everyday with the same attitude." - Mark Williams -

Freedom has always been probably our most important ideal, freedom of speech thought and action. Freedom from tyranny and oppression.

And so we sit yet again dumb founded with the state of affairs in our country. dumbfounded that people who are starving cannot see why they are starving.

And yet they believe in their ideals just as ardently as we believe in ours. We are not necessarily right and they are not necessarily wrong.

What has happened has happened and we must just try and come to terms with it all and hope that sense prevails once again in our country some time soon.

And so to those who have cared, those who have made tremendous sacrifices, those who have been brave and courageous and not afraid to make a stand ... all we can say is THANK YOU FOR TRYING.....

Thank you for making a stand for what we believe in, thank you for being selfless and putting your lives, your homes, your families on the line.

To Heather and Roy ... may God bless and keep you and your family safe and we pray that Roy will be spared soon from this injustice.

To Morgan and Gibson and Dave and Welshman and Job and Tendai and Pius and Jenni and the Woza Women, and everyone else who has worked so hard for the good of our precious country ... history will show that what you did was good and just for freedom and democracy.

To the people who have died and suffered we will never forget you.

From the People Of Zimbabwe - Thank you and God Bless you.

John 16:33 "These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you shall be having freedom from anxiety. In the world you have tribulation, but by taking, courage I have overcome the world!"