FUNNY PECULIAR OR FUNNY HAHA?          - 11/11/2014      <--Prev : Next-->

I remember when as kids we said something was 'funny', Mum always used to ask 'Funny peculiar or Funny Haha'

Well, as much as we Zimbo residents are allowed to complain about our precious country, I don't think it's the least bit funny when outsiders complain about Zim!!!

On facebook the other day was a glorious photo of one of our fabulous Jacaranda avenues, and someone said 'that cannot be a recent picture - there are no potholes in the road'!!

Grrrrr I know our roads are horrendous but only we locals are allowed to complain and moan!!!

My brother-in-law was here recently from Perth and he spent two weeks visiting with family and friends, but never once did he take a dig at the city. In fact quite the opposite (apart from our infamous drivers) he could only find good in all aspects of the city.

Through his eyes I began to develop a different aspect about our sad benighted town. I overlooked the power cuts, the potholes and the dilapidated aura, and instead saw the wonderful friendly people, the places where people are trying their hardest, the ever present sunshine, the glory of the few drops of rain, and the delight of the flowers and trees.

Brother-in-Law enthused over the steaks, extolled the hospitality of the folk here, revealed in the glory of the Matopos, braaied to his heart's content, climbed Efifi despite the Mopani Flies and spent all day in the pool with his niece and nephew.

On Saturday it was full moon and the local Bulawayo cyclists took to the Circular Drive in the Matopos for a moonlight bike ride. They saw Rhino, sable, klipspringer and giraffe!! HeeHoo and I have made a solemn promise we will venture on the next moonlight ride if they promise to go slowly!!

Thank you Geraldo for reminding us about how special Bulawayo is!!