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I am extremely upset that I am not permitted to be classed as 'Indigenous' !!
I am more indigenous than most Zimbabweans, but it is the colour of my skin that is the stopping point.

How racist is that

I was born in Zimbabwe, my Mother was born in Zimbabwe, my Grandmother was born in Zimbabwe Does that not make me indigenous If being marginalized is the problem, trust me, we were extremely marginalized as children.

As post war parents, my Mum and Dad lived a very penurious life in Zimbabwe.

We lived in lodgings on Leander Avenue, Gavin and I slept in the only bedroom, Mum slept in the lounge and our kitchen was on the open veranda. Mum could make a pound of Holsum last a whole year we had to be so frugal. We had an ancient old Morry that had to be push started every day of its life!! We wore our school shoes as play shoes, Mum stayed up late at night, after working all day, and sewed our clothes on an old treadle sewing machine.

We walked daily to Hillside School, in fact Gavin ran away from school and the postman brought him home on the crossbar of his postal bike!!

We only reached a semblance of comfort, as Mom worked day in and day out, to make enough money to move into a flat on Samuel Parienyatwa!!

My friend Mahendra, ex Gweru born, who now lives in New Zealand, was also told to 'go back where you came from' by a policeman. He retorted 'Where The Gweru General Hospital ' and the policeman tried to fine him for being insulting!!

Hee Hoo pays an inordinate amount of tax to the country's coffers, we are intimately involved in the running of an High School and an Old Age Home, we support all the charities, we live, breathe and eat Zimbabwean, but no, we are not indigenous!!!

Where does one draw the line Do we take our challenge to the Supreme Court and scream 'racism' as so many people do

Bulawayo watchdog.

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