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I am changing his name from 'Hee Hoo Must be Obeyed' to 'Hee Hoo Must Remain Curious' !!

I have never met anyone with such an insatiable curiosity. He never stops ! Always digging, always reading, always sopping up as much information as his head can possibly retain ! He digs into scientific journals, business journals, IT journals, he just digs and digs and digs.

I need to quite to him that old adage Mum always told us 'Curiosity killed the Cat' because he will wear his brain out soon!!

He burns the candle at both ends and in the middle! Goes to sleep long after me, wakes up long before me, always questing for more and more knowledge!!

Me I am quite content to play scrabble, write inane editorials for the Mirror, patch the weekly Mirror together page after page, or work in the garden - Hee Hoo is always on the lookout for more information, more knowledge, more expertise!! When we were first married, back in the Dark Ages, I thought he was FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) but he just has an unquenchable thirst for wisdom.

He loves Twitter, follows hundreds of erudite folk from Piers Morgan, to Fox News, Harvard Health, Huffington Post Science, to a Twitter account with the intriguing name of - 'Mental Floss'. These and more are all the people who also have a thirst for the truth, all the people who can debate, tweet, and field knowledge until the cows come home. He also loves sport, all sport and like many men can quote, ball by ball, a cricket match that was played twenty years ago!!!

Me I am a Philistine, I am quite content reading books by Patricia Cornwall and Jonathen Kellerman. But HeeHoo has more intriguing tastes. He has at least five books on the go at one time! Currently engrossed in 'Six minutes to Freedom' by Kurt Muse and Johan Gilstrom, 'The Haj' by Leon Uris, Ernest Hemmingway's 'A Farewell to Arms' and of course David Coltart's new book 'The Struggle Continues.'

We seldom watch a movie and the TV is always tuned to news stations, science forums, sports channels and the like. Sometimes I feel like a blond ignoramus, because I have to work really hard to keep up with his mind!!

Politics!! How many people can immerse themselves in every single election being held in every country in the world, He just loves politics, especially Zimbabwe politics, but can talk knowledgeably on Kenyan, American, Somalian and Australian politics if challenged!!

Sigh........ I do have something on him though!! He does not know the difference between a Clivia and an Agapanthus!!


I read your Morning Mirror, Kenya experience and was torn, probably with, could it be a form of; "selfishness" What you say is true, the income derived from those millions of tourists is wonderful for the economy and gives work to the population, enriching their existence.

On the other-hand and my selfish being, is that the majority of tourists are "fun-fair tourists"! Yes, I love the thought of sharing the African bush with kindred spirits, who feel it, absorb it, adore it, passionately and want to protect it.

The question is; how do you achieve that mix Kruger Park, as wonderful as it is for we South Africans, is not a place I enjoy, especially during school holidays. If you get a lucky sighting of an animal, let alone one of the Big Five, you find yourself locked into a traffic jam for as long as the animal remains in sight. It is for this reason, I try to find the lesser known Parks, like Ithala, although no lion and cheetah, it has everything else and I had my best sighting ever, of a leopard there.
The people you meet on the road a reasonably far between and you stop and exchange information on various animals you can see on the loops.

I wonder what would happen to Gona-re-zhou, Mana Pools and the other parks, given an influx of, less caring tourists. I get the feeling that there must be a way, such a pity that Countries like; Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, don't, get together with Botswana and work together as I think they could get it right and lessen the concentration of visitors by spreading it out amongst them all In the North-west drop fences build a network, as in the South-west, in the Tuli area and of course the South-east, with South Africa and even perhaps Mozambique, for Kruger, Gona-re-zhou.


Bulawayo watchdog.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

- Warren Buffett -

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.