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It was only when I got his poignant sms that I realised just how deep those roots went !!

No ... the sms did not say "missing you, wish you were here " !! (At least not at R1200 a ticket!!) The sms read "they are singing Los Lappe"

Well obviously they would not be singing the "leeurloop", they were playing against the British and Irish Lions so the "Lion-walk" would be inappropriate !!

But I knew it was a deep meaningful sms !! Bless his heart....

From deep in the foothills of Kokstad came the sporting side of the family - right from the heartland of rugby, although it would appear they are ambivalent those Kokstadians, they can get equally as passionate about cricket, soccer, tennis, biking, motor racing and snowboarding, as long as it is sport,it has a place in the heart...

I feel somewhat marginalised quite often in fact - when the girl talk in the coffee shop veers towards popular TV shows, I am totally lost.

I can give you the Bafana Bafana v Iraq scores verbatim, I can give you Federer's last 6 matches ball by ball. I can recite the four most capped Springbok players if you want ? Percy 102, Jooste 89 and John Smit 83 followed by hunky Matfield at 82 !!

Why do they make such a fuss out of the amount of caps a fellow has at any rate ?

I have had dozens of those hideous bathing caps firmly stuck to my scalp while having my hair highlighted !! Believe me it is so painful, I defy any Bok to have that done even once !! I did e mail Victor Matfield and offer him free highlights for his hair using the dreaded bathing cap, but he did not reply !!

But what I cannot tell you is who got knocked out in Strictly Come Dancing or who is the favourite to win the role as Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat .

Its tough being the odd girl out, none of my female peers can recite the names of all the players in the Super 14 or the opening batsmen in the Cricket World 20/20 !!

However that rugby jargon is quite beyond me sometimes, I mean "tight head" is that a hangover ? Or maybe it is "tight end" ? There are quite a few cute "tightends" on the rugby field these days, so its not all bad !!

But Hooker ??? What on earth were they thinking? The blood bin ? Maul ? Sin Bin ?

I crave for a soapy or a quiz show, I would die for an episode of Idols. I got really excited when HeeHoo purchased one of those dual decoders. Hooray my time has come, he can sit and watch his sport and I can watch some programmes of my own ....... calloo callay oh frabjuous day !!

The soccer has been fun mind you, there are some really cute Spanish and Brazilian players I can secretly admire their "tightends" when HeeHoo is asleep.

Although they are not tough and manly like rugby players, they do tend to be a bit mamby pamby and are always lying down on the floor and crying quite a bit. If I was Ronaldo mind you, I would be crying too, imagine his income tax !!

But back to the dual decoder well, I was soon put in my place !!! Channel one is permanently on rugby and Channel two is on tennis/cricket/ football/motor racing !! And the remote is clutched firmly in his paw, even while asleep !!

I tried once to prise it from his hand when he nodded off, but it was as if rigor mortis had set in !!

Oh well, back to the telly, what is it tonight ? Motor racing maybe, Wimbledon definitely, a touch of soccer certainly and a replay of Saturday's rugby highlights to be sure to be sure.