Binga in June!!

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One's usual experience when fishing in Binga is heat glorious heat!! However last weekend in Binga it was not only mighty chilly but also raining! Fishing in a woolly hat is unusual, and fishing in a jacket and a knee rug is pretty nigh impossible!! Added to that, fishing in a month without an 'R' in it means one is unlikely to catch anything.......

Our hardened Binga fishermen tried hard to be macho and wear shorts and tee shirts but after two hours in the pouring rain, all Zimbo Manliness was cast aside!! Instead of ice cold Pilsener, coffee was packed, instead of sunscreen - socks and tracksuits were used in abundance, it was indeed an unusual state of affairs!!

HeeHoo absolutely refuses to sleep in a cabin and as usual we slept on the top deck! Mosquito nets were not necessary as any unfortunate 'goggo' (Zimbo name for insect) was hard pressed to even fly in that wind!! However it was unusual to see HeeHoo encased in multiple blankets, warm P.J.s, a woollen scarf and a beanie! My face was frozen and I thought longingly of the balaclavas we left behind in Sweden!!

As for not catching fish in months spelt without an 'R' ...... we were lucky enough to catch more than our official quota of fish!! Just enough for a generous fish and chip supper, and then, of course 'catch and release' came into play! It was mainly bream, as the tiger fish were of course safely in the warmth at the bottom of the lake!!

The total absence of hippo was once again sadly noticable and the crocs were certainly not sunbathing on the sandbanks.


The Pastor for the Ngozi mine church had his car burgled a few nights ago and in the car was a bag with fabrics and sewing kits for the Ngozi mine sewing club, the bag was stolen , we are really sad that this has happened as the children and community at large were really keen on learning a new skill out there .

We are looking for patterns , fabrics and threads scissors etc to start over with this project we would also like to appeal for assistance to get solar panels and inverters to power up some of the sewing machines which are electric, one or two hand sewing machines welcome as well, if anyone has any lying around they would like to donate . We will also be staring a club at Mustard seed communities too for the able bodied children.

Any farmers or well wishers able to assist , we are in need of veggies for the soup kitchens weekly , Tomatoes, cabbages, onions etc to add on to what we grow at the home, please get in touch with me on 0772241552 or get in touch with Mustard Seed Communities Children's home in Woodville. Donations are picked up from me every Monday morning if you would care to drop off any veggies towards the 5 kitchens, we are feeding over a thousand children daily. T.I.A

Anyone with connections to the famous Bulawayo Supersonic Manufacturing Company must watch this link below.

Have you ever seen this vid

I'm still looking for a Supersonic PR80..
But I'm delighted to find that 2 of my Supersonic 'Conquerors' recently acquired have same 'Deacy' amplifier.

Paul Midgley