WATER WOWS NOT WATER WOES !!          - 6/2/2008      <--Prev : Next-->


Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness.... .. I cannot believe this rain !!

We have green mould growing on the walls, green moss growing on the brickwork .... and webs between our toes !

Seldom have I seen the countryside looking so glorious, at least not for many many years......

Bulawegians have been under water rationing since 1993, and brushing one's teeth in a soupcon of cold water has become the norm.

Now we have a new form of entertainment .... dam spotting... the boys cycle every weekend out to one of our supply dams, and the girls toddle off after them (by car of course) armed with a cooler box and a skottle to collect them.

We have visited Matopos Dam (disappointing since they built the new road which most effectively cuts off the catchment area)

A visit to Upper Ncema, twice, to compare dam levels was exhilarating. ... and there were loads of water spotters parked there drinking in the exhilarating sight !!

How Mine dam where the barn swallows are gathering is spilling, Mayfair I have been told, is spilling .

Upper Hillside Dams has canoes on it and is spilling, the Lower Dam is not far off but has multitudinous leaks.

This has become a hot spot for locals since the Hillside Dam Conservancy took over, security has been tightened dramatically and it is looking amazing....

The Cascades are flowing tumultuously and the walk to the cascades is sodden and squelchy.

The entire community is water watching. Wally and John even have a serious sterling betting school in progress !!

Rain gauges are scrutinised, compared and recorded.... . Burnside is well ahead of Suburbs, but then they always were a lot more snobbish and privileged over there ....

Water rationing appears to have been lifted in some suburbs, those toffee noses over in Burnside get water 24/7 but us Suburbs Stalwarts still only get water twice a week.

However the last laugh is on them, as we Suburbs Stalwarts have not been reeling under the tedious tummy bug that appears to only strike those folk over there on Nob Hill (chuckle)... ..

And of course the whole community is highly sympathetic with the new energy woes that have struck South Africa with such ferocity... (cluck cluck)

Generators and inverters are selling like crazy south of the border and now our Southern cousins know exactly what we have been going through for years now.....

Sadly their problems are ten times worse as we were eased into our power shortages gently, and our infrastructure is all but non existent, so their problems are ten times worse than ours.

Oh ..... Africa .... in all her glory !!!